Roseville Electric Tests New Streetlight Technology

Roseville Electric has begun a multi-month program to test the feasibility of using new energy efficient technology for City streetlights.  

Three locations in our community have test LED (light-emitting diode) lights in place. The test results will be compared against our existing lighting to determine whether LED designs are a viable option as a City standard. 

Because lighting technology is constantly improving, Roseville Electric is undergoing this study to determine if the technology meets our standards and is cost effective. The general public, local neighborhoods, police and fire will be asked for feedback. 

Roseville Electric staff will assess the amount of energy required for the lamps, luminance, and light uniformity, light color, maintenance requirements – and compared this to the existing high pressure sodium lamps.  

Staff will complete its evaluation, including an economic analysis, by early next year. 
This test project is funded using Department of Energy Block Grant Federal Stimulus money awarded to Roseville.