Summer Energy Saving Tips

Updated June 07, 2018

Roseville Electric Utility wants to help you keep your home and summer bills cool. Here are five easy and low cost ways to lower your summer energy use.

  • Program your thermostat - Change your thermostat set point up to 78 degrees; your system will run less but still keep you cool.
  • Use a ceiling fan - Keeping air moving in the room will help you feel cooler. But like a light bulb, make sure you turn it off when you leave the room.
  • Change your air filters - Clean air filters help your air conditioner system run more efficiently and move more air.
  • Draw the blinds or curtains - Even efficient windows will let in heat, keep your home cool by blocking out the sun
  • Open some windows - Cool early mornings or late evenings are a great time to open a window and pre-cool your home for the day.

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