Massage ordinance is keeping Roseville safer.

Updated May 10, 2018
Foot massage
A year ago this month, Roseville’s City Council approved a revised massage services ordinance to better regulate massage businesses in Roseville.  The goal was to support the legitimate and therapeutic practice of massage, while giving police the tools to address problem locations.  The ordinance allows the police department to deny permits under certain circumstances, and to suspend or close businesses found to be operating outside the law.
Since the ordinance went into effect, the police department has thoroughly reviewed applications and conducted compliance checks to ensure the businesses are operating legally within our city.  Police compliance checks led to the closure of two illegal operations.  One was operating with no permit, no record-keeping, no evidence of staff training, and suspicious activity, including admitting clients through locked doors when the business was supposedly closed, and staff that fled out the back door when officers entered the front. The other establishment had posted sexually suggestive ads on a prostitution website, and wasn't maintaining client records as required by the municipal code.

So far staff has reviewed and approved 251 massage business permits and denied nine. Some of the applicants that were denied permits had histories in Roseville and other areas of failing to comply with applicable codes, posting sexually provocative ads, propositioning clients for sexual acts, operating without permits or proper training, and other violations.  Routine compliance checks of massage businesses led to seven being cited for violations, in addition to the two illegal operations that closed.
We’re sharing this information for two reasons.  First, we’d like to thank the vast majority of massage business operators in our city for their cooperation with the permitting process and compliance with city requirements.  We respect the professional and therapeutic services they provide to their clients.
Second, if you're thinking of opening a new massage business in Roseville, know that your application and background will be thoroughly reviewed and if you're issued a permit, our staff will conduct periodic compliance checks of your business. If you're a legitimate practitioner of the healing art of massage, welcome to Roseville--we're glad to have you here. If you're thinking of opening an illicit operation, Roseville is not the place for you.

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