City begins preparation of two budget scenarios

Updated September 06, 2018

The Roseville City Council held its annual goals workshop on September 4 to review fiscal trends and community priorities. During the workshop, the City Council discussed service-level preferences for two budget scenarios as the City begins its annual budget preparation cycle for the next year’s (Fiscal Year 2019/20) budget.

The City will know which of the two scenarios to budget for after the results of the Roseville community’s vote on Measure B in November —a half-cent sales tax to protect Roseville’s essential services. 

If passed, Measure B is estimated to generate $16 million to $19 million in revenue annually. 

If Measure B does not pass, the City estimates there will be a $1 million to $3 million operation budget shortfall in Fiscal Year 2019/20 and a continued $10 million to $14 million annual shortfall to fund long-term expenses .

Roseville City Manager Dominick Casey and Chief Financial Officer Jay Panzica shared fiscal trends and forecasts with the City Council at the workshop.  (You can download their presentation here).

The City Council used this information and the community input from the EngageRoseville effort to discuss additional cuts that would be made if Measure B does not pass.

A report from the workshop is anticipated at the October 3 City Council meeting at 7 p.m., Council Chambers, 311 Vernon St.

In considering a scenario in which Measure B passes, the Council prioritized a list of service and fiscal options:

Budget preference tier ranking if Measure B passes

  • Establish police Beat 7 on west side with 2 police officers
  • Restore 1 police officer to traffic unit
  • Phase in maintenance costs for new citywide parks
  • Phase in more library hours and materials, and hours at Maidu Museum
  • Create a General Fund Stabilization Fund
  • Maintain adequate industry training and development programs
  • Partially restore road funding
  • Expand job creation initiatives
  • Pay down pension obligation costs
  • Stop erosion of park maintenance levels
  • Bring back goats paid by General Fund to open space
  • Business recruitment and communications
  • Pay down retiree health fund
  • Fully fund costs of repair/replacement for buildings and equipment
  • Restore fire training and investigations
  • Maintain or increase code enforcement service levels
  • Add internal auditor
  • Add 1 staffer to address increase in Public Records Act requests for information
  • Increase funding for sound wall repair and replacement
  • Maintain FEMA Class 1 flood rating
  • Customer response tracking and reporting software

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