Looking for a fun and scenic place to take your family for a bike ride, or a place to go for a walk or run? Try these off-street trails for an enjoyable experience in Roseville’s great outdoors. As a Roseville resident, you are part owner of a billion-dollar parks and trails system — why not get out and use it? View the complete map below for all of Roseville's trails.

Health Tip: Plan to exercise in the morning or evening when air quality is best.

MapPark numbers and coordinates refer to the Roseville Parks, Trails & Bikeways Map

Trails Indicates parking

Trails Indicates restrooms

Trails Maidu Regional Park

For a perfect Saturday with the family, visit the Maidu Museum & Historic Site. Take a tour of the ancient Maidu Indian village site (#45) to see stunning petroglyphs and bedrock mortars. Then, catch the trail next to the Center and travel through the interior of the park (outlined in orange), or around the outside (outlined in blue), for a 2 mile loop.

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Pleasant Grove Creek Trail (south branch)

Catch the south branch of the Pleasant Grove Creek Trail (outlined in red) at Veteran's Park and ride through beautiful open space and majestic oak trees. The one-way trip between Veterans Park (#71) and Blue Oaks Park (#5) is 1 mile. Baquera Park (#2) is a stop you can also make along this trail segment.

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TrailsMiner’s & False Ravine Trails

Catch the trail at Sculpture Park behind The Home Depot on N. Sunrise) and go through some of Roseville’s most beautiful open space and wetland areas. Follow the Miner’s Ravine Trail (outlined in purple) all the way to Sierra College Boulevard, or take the False Ravine Trail (outlined in green, map grid G3). Make a stop at Piches Park and enjoy a picnic or a game of basketball. Both trips are nearly 3 miles one-way.

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