Please note, this version of the Roseville Police Department Crime Log does not represent all the crime in the City of Roseville. This log highlights criminal activity as an awareness and to encourage residents to be proactive about crime prevention. For a comprehensive list of all the criminal activity in Roseville, please visit
Roseville Police Crime Log Jan 14 - Feb 3, 2019
Police Beat 1
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00003150 1/16/19 2:27 PM Burglary Galleria 1131 Galleria Blvd Two unknown suspects were in the business for approximately twenty seconds and stole over $3,000 worth of merchandise. They fled to an awaiting suspect vehicle.
2019-00003247 1/16/19 7:30 PM Burglary Harding 700 Gibson Drive Unknown suspect(s) took the garage door off the track and stole various items. The approximate cost to replace the stolen items is $4,420.
2019-00003949 1/20/19 2:00 PM Burglary Auto Harding 1166 Roseville Parkway An unknown suspect broke into the victim's vehicle and stole the victim's $6,000 watch that was inside the car.
2019-00003489 1/18/19 12:30 AM Burglary Auto Harding 700 Gibson Drive Unknown suspect(s) smashed the rear passenger window (of victim's vehicle and stole his Bank of America debit card. The card was cancelled prior to any fraudulent transactions.
2019-00004769 1/23/19 1:30 PM Fraud Galleria 1151 Galleria Blvd Unknown suspect made purchase using counterfeit $100 bill at victim's business.
2019-00004601 1/12/19 1:04 PM Fraud Harding 901 Galleria Blvd The unknown suspect passed two fictitious checks at the businesses in Roseville and one in Folsom.
2019-00005662 1/28/19 2:15 PM Grand Theft Galleria 1151 Galleria Blvd Two unknown adult males entered the business during business hours and appeared to work together to steal items. While one male talked to an associate, the other male concealed three items in a shopping bag. The total loss was $1,941.
2019-00005610 1/28/19 2:50 PM Robbery Creekside 1228 Galleria Blvd An unknown BMA suspect exited a black Ford Fusion in the parking lot of Starbucks. The suspect ran up to the victim, grabbed her wallet and ran back to the Ford Fusion and sped off
Police Beat 2
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00002947 1/15/19 4:30 PM Burglary Auto Lead Hill 1600 Eureka Road The unknown suspect broke into the victim's vehicle while it was parked on the third floor of the garage at Kaiser. Three backpacks were taken from the car.
2019-00003705 1/15/19 11:00 PM Burglary Auto South Cirby 1900 Cirby Way The victim reported a vehicle burglary at the Pepperwood Apartments. The victim sustained a total loss of approximately $550 of personal items. A stolen debit card had been used to make a purchase at Jack in the Box.
2019-00002625 1/12/19 9:59 PM Fraud Sierra Gardens 1804 Douglas Blvd Victim reported that three males entered Mel's, ordered food and then paid with three counterfeit $20 bills.
2019-00003547 1/18/19 1:45 PM Fraud Sierra Gardens 1950 Douglas Blvd A male subject entered the store, selected $10 worth of items and then attempted to pay using a counterfeit $100 bill. The clerk took the bill and called police. The male fled the scene before police arrived.
Police Beat 3
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00002652 1/11/19 4:30 PM Burglary Hillcrest 814 Darling Way A burglary occurred at Cirby Elementary School. An unknown suspect smashed a window to gain access and stole multiple electronic items.
2019-00002986 1/15/19 3:00 PM Burglary Auto Folsom Road 316 Vernon Street An unknown suspect burglarized the victim's Volkswagen Passat. The suspect smashed the front passenger side window and stole a black, leather notebook.
2019-00003588 1/18/19 5:30 PM Burglary Auto Hillcrest 1100 Douglas Blvd An unknown suspect(s) smashed the front passengers window of the victim's vehicle. The suspect(s) then stole items from inside.
2019-00004523 1/21/19 9:30 AM Grand Theft Folsom Road 203 Harding Blvd The adult female victim set her jewelry down inside the store. An unknown adult female suspect took the jewelry. Video was obtained of the suspect.
2019-00004707 1/23/19 9:00 PM Vehicle Theft Folsom Road 1000 Lead Hill Blvd Unknown suspect(s) stole victim's motorcycle from a parking stall at the Extended Stay America. Vehicle description: 1971 Red BMW R75/5.
Police Beat 4
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00004549 1/23/19 11:18 AM Identity Theft Kaseberg-Kingswood 300 Block of Lafayette Drive Victim had a line of credit opened in his name and items purchased without his knowledge or permission.
Police Beat 5
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00002949 1/14/19 8:30 PM Burglary Auto Stanford 10309 Fairway Drive An unknown suspect(s) smashed the adult victim's window on his vehicle and stole the victim's lap top computer.
2019-00003932 1/19/19 3:30 PM Burglary Commercial Stanford Crossing 9200 Fairway Drive An unknown suspect(s) broke into a vacant business. The suspect(s) retrieved the key from a lockbox that was on the door handle of the front entrance. The suspect(s) stole a generator and many other tools and equipment. The stolen property was valued at approximately $2,570.
2019-00004695 1/24/19 1:25 AM Fraud Highland Reserve 200 Block of Warm Springs Drive An unknown suspect sent a threatening email to the victim saying he would send a compromising video to victim's contacts if she did not send a bitcoin payment. The suspect included victim's personal information, including the password to her American Express credit card.
2019-00003981 1/20/19 6:44 PM Robbery Stanford 10451 Fairway Drive Loss Prevention (LP) officers attempted to detain a theft suspect, who pushed out unpaid merchandise. A female subject assisted the male suspect prior to the commission of the theft. During the attempted detention, the suspect was able to push out the items and swung at the LP officer. He did not sustain any injuries. The items were recovered on scene and the suspect fled in a vehicle.
Police Beat 6
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00003237 1/16/19 10:00 PM Burglary Auto Fiddyment Farm 400 Block of Rockcliff Ct Unknown suspect(s) entered the adult victim's vehicle by unknown means and stole golf clubs, and other items. The approximate value of items taken was $4,530.
2019-00003573 11/1/16 12:00 AM Elder Abuse Sun City 6000 Block of Fiddyment Road An unknown suspect stole $2,500 from the victim who is 80 years old. The victim suspects that a friend or caretaker took the money.
2019-00003273 1/17/19 9:18 AM Fraud Junction West 1800 Block of Stonecrest Drive Unknown suspects called victim and stated that her social security number was suspended and a warrant for her arrest would be issued if she did not disclose bank account and identification information. The suspects received bank account information and victim's social security number. Victim later called the banks she had accounts with and reported the incident.
2019-00002950 1/8/19 8:00 AM Grand Theft Woodcreek Oaks 1600 Block of Aylesbury Way Unknown suspect defrauded adult victim out of approximately $20,000 via false pretenses.
2019-00003717 1/18/19 11:00 PM Grand Theft Westpark 2000 Block of Woodgate Way Victim had a bag stolen from his passenger seat overnight, filled with items worth $1125.00. He thought he might have left the door open. The suspect used his credit and debit cards to buy things from multiple stores.
2019-00005112 1/26/19 3:00 AM Vehicle Theft Blue Oaks 1700 Block of Fontenay Way Unknown suspect(s) stole the victim's vehicle. Vehicle description: 1997 White Honda Civic