Please note, this version of the Roseville Police Department Crime Log does not represent all the crime in the City of Roseville. This log highlights criminal activity as an awareness and to encourage residents to be proactive about crime prevention. For a comprehensive list of all the criminal activity in Roseville, please visit
Roseville Police Crime Log Nov 19 - Dec 2, 2018
Police Beat 1
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00073185 11/27/18 10:15 AM Grand Theft Galleria 1151 Galleria Blvd A BMA entered the Fast and Fix Jewelry and asked to try on a Rolex watch worth $19,500. The suspect then fled the business with the watch in a white 4-door vehicle, possibly a Honda Civic
2018-00072922 11/25/18 5:00 PM Vehicle Theft Harding 1200 Block of Antelope Creek Drive Victim's white 1999 Ford F350 was stolen from the parking lot of the Preserve at Creekside apartment complex. There was a large tool box attached to a fuel pump in the truck bed.
2018-00074027 11/30/18 6:00 PM Burglary Creekside 1196 Galleria Blvd Suspect entered Nordstrom Rack, filled a shopping cart with merchandise and exited without paying. Suspect was stopped by Loss Prevention and returned to the store without incident.
2018-00073958 11/30/18 1:59 PM Robbery Galleria 1125 Galleria Blvd The arrestee's selected several items from JC Penny and walked out without paying. They were approached by Loss Prevention and asked to put the items down. They pushed pass loss prevention. Once outside near their vehicle, one male brandished a knife and told loss prevention to get back. The other made reference that he was getting a gun. They fled and were stopped and arrested.
Police Beat 2
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00071631 11/17/18 1:30 PM Burglary Cirby Ranch 1710 Cirby Way An unknown suspect gained entry into the locked construction site that is located in the main parking lot of Oakmont High School. The suspect also gained entry into the locked mobile office trailer that was in the construction site. The suspect had items loaded up in a wheel barrow ready to go, but fled the scene on a bicycle when an employee showed up.
2018-00071860 11/2/18 6:12 PM Fraud Lead Hill 1921 Douglas Blvd WMA suspect paid for a hair product at Supercuts with a counterfeit $100 bill.
2018-00073212 11/24/18 12:00 PM Vehicle Theft Lead Hill 1925 Douglas Blvd An unknown suspect took the victim's Silver 2009 Saturn Vue from the rear of a parking lot.
2018-00074038 11/30/18 8:09 PM Vehicle Theft Lead Hill 1901 Douglas Blvd A WMA adult stole the victim's jacket that had been left near the store front entrance. The suspect then used the car keys in the jacket to steal a Black 2007 Cadillac Escalade.
Police Beat 3
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00072028 11/21/18 3:35 AM Other Felony Cresthaven 500 Block of Arlene Drive Suspect was observed driving a white Isuzu SUV with a laminated copy of a CA dealer plate. The suspect parked his vehicle and was contacted. He refused to identify himself and resisted arrest. The suspect was in possession of approximately 120 ounces of marijuana and had a misdemeanor arrest warrant from Sacramento County. Suspect was transported and booked into South Placer Jail.
Police Beat 4
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00072905 11/26/18 12:11 AM Burglary Commercial Vineyard 9020 Atkinson Street Officers responded to a burglary in progress at the ABC Supply Company. Four subjects were loading roofing material into the back of a truck. Additional units were called for support and the four suspects were subsequently arrested and booked into the Placer County Jail.
2018-00072397 11/22/18 1:00 PM Vehicle Theft Roseville Heights 1000 Block of Oakland Ave Unknown suspect(s) stole victim's green 2014 Nissan Sentra. The cost to replace the vehicle is approximately $11,000.
Police Beat 5
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00071934 11/17/18 8:20 PM Fraud Stanford 10151 Fairway Drive A adult female suspect passed a fraudulent $100 bill when purchasing groceries at WinCo. The WinCo employee did not return the bill to the suspect. At that time, the suspect used a debit card to pay for the groceries.
2018-00072776 11/25/18 11:57 AM Robbery Blue Oaks 1492 Blue Oaks Blvd A suspect was arrested after forcefully stealing a pack of cigarettes from Walgreens and then later battered two uniformed police officers, leaving visible injury.
2018-00072241 11/22/18 10:28 AM Vehicle Theft Foothills Junction 4012 Foothills Blvd An unknown suspect(s) stole victim's white 2007 Chevrolet Silverado from the Bel Air parking lot. The approximate value of the stolen vehicle is $20,000.
2018-00073884 11/28/18 11:00 AM Vehicle Theft Highland Reserve 600 Block of Twinwood Loop An unknown suspect(s) stole a grey 2012 GMC Sierra which was parked on the street. Along with the vehicle, a toolbox, located into he bed of the truck, with various construction tools were stolen. The approximate cost to replace the vehicle, tools, and toolbox is approximately $32,500.
Police Beat 6
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00071749 11/12/18 5:00 PM Burglary Quail Glen 7000 Block of Alpine View Drive An unknown suspect(s) gained entry into the victim's vacant residence. The suspect(s) manually accessed a shut off valve, turning the water on, causing the house to flood. The victim estimated the damages to the house to be approximately $10,000.
2018-00073269 11/26/18 6:30 PM Vehicle Theft Quail Glen 8000 Block of Painted Desert Drive An unknown suspect(s) stole the victim's white 2000 Honda Civic from the parking lot of the Crocker Oaks Apartments.
2018-00073168 11/27/18 5:30 AM Vehicle Theft Quail Glen 100 Block of Robinson Ct Unknown suspect(s) stole victim's white 1997 Honda Civic from the front of his residence. The vehicle was recovered three houses down from this location.
2018-00072754 11/24/18 7:00 PM Vehicle Theft Quail Glen 200 Block of Tail Race Ct An unknown suspect(s) stole the victim's 2004 black Mercedes S500 that was parked in the driveway of the victim's residence. The vehicle was unlocked with the key in the ignition because the vehicle had mechanical issues. The victim valued the stolen vehicle at approximately $10,000.
2018-00073926 11/29/18 11:25 PM Grand Theft Quail Glen 9045 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd An unknown suspect walked into the Safeway Gas Station store while the employee on duty had stepped outside and stole approximately $1,200 in $20 and $30 lottery ticket scratchers.