Roseville Police Crime Log Feb 18 - March 3, 2019
Police Beat 1
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00009945 2/18/19 11:00 PM Burglary Stoneridge 3100 Block of Grasmere Circle Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's backyard through the side gate, and then entered the garage through the pedestrian door. Suspect(s) then stole several items from the garage while the residents were sleeping.
2019-00011030 2/23/19 11:30 PM Burglary Galleria 1119 Galleria Blvd Two unknown male suspects threw a rock through the front door window of the business and stole approximately $2520 worth of cigarettes and other items from the business. The male suspects were seen leaving the scene in a dark colored sedan.
2019-00009957 2/18/19 4:00 PM Burglary Auto Stoneridge 2900 Block of Tilbury Way Victim reported that an unknown suspect(s) burglarized their vehicle and removed miscellaneous items, including boxes of ammunition. Estimated loss: $213.
2019-00010468 2/20/19 11:00 PM Burglary Auto Stoneridge 1400 Block of Rocky Ridge Drive An unknown suspect(s) gained access to the victim's locked vehicle. The suspect(s) then stole the victim's wallet and used his bank cards at location in Roseville, Citrus Heights, and Antelope, CA. CRIME TIP: Do not leave valuables inside of your car. TAKE your valuables with you. LOCK your car. HIDE the things you cannot take BEFORE you arrive at your destination.
2019-00011296 12/3/18 12:01 AM Fraud Olympus Pointe 3200 Block of Europa Street An unknown suspect received the victim's credit card replacement in the mail. This suspect fraudulently used the card for a total of $6,954.
2019-00011676 2/27/19 8:03 AM Vehicle Theft Harding 700 Block of Gibson Drive Unknown suspect stole victim's vehicle. The approximate cost to replace the vehicle is $1000. Vehicle description: 1996 green 4dr Honda Accord.
Police Beat 2
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
" 2/28/19 10:58 PM Burglary Cirby Side 700 Sunrise Avenue Two adult male subjects broke into the balcony/ patio area attached to a business building. Officers arrived on scene and the suspects fled on foot. The suspects removed a statue from the balcony/patio area. One male suspect was captured and arrested
2019-00011152 2/24/19 8:30 PM Burglary Sierra Gardens 1500 Block of Meadowlark Way Adult male suspect walked up to a residence and through an open window threatened to shoot one of the occupants. He argued with a juvenile male home occupant, that the home belonged to him. He then attempted to make entry into the yard. Upon arrival police apprehended the suspect, and during search incident to arrest they located a small amount of methamphetamine on his person.
2019-00011270 2/23/19 5:13 AM Burglary Auto Lead Hill 500 Automall Drive Two unknown adult male suspects gained access to the victim's vehicles and stole property.
2019-00010067 10/25/18 12:00 AM Fraud Cirby Ranch 1200 Block of Schooner Drive The victim's Bank of America checking account was compromised. The suspect(s) withdrew several thousand dollars from the victim's account. The transactions occurred in the Los Angeles County area.
2019-00012134 2/28/19 10:05 PM Vehicle Theft Lead Hill 650 Automall Drive Two unknown male suspect(s) stole a vehicle from Future Ford Lincoln of Roseville's upper parking lot. The approximate cost to replace the stolen vehicle is $60,000. Vehicle description: 2017 gray Ford F-150.
Police Beat 3
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00011640 2/24/19 12:20 PM Fraud Hillcrest 1000 Block of Colnar Street An unknown male adult suspect sold the victim fraudulent Justin Timberlake tickets. The suspect was driving a newer Toyota rental car. Crime Tip: Always verify online or third-party transactions. Ask for verification codes to confirm the tickets are valid.
2019-00011071 2/23/19 11:30 PM Vehicle Theft Folsom Road 1000 Lead Hill Blvd An unknown suspect(s) stole the victim's motor scooter. The scooter was parked in the parking lot of the Extended Stay America. The victim valued the scooter at approximately $1,500. Vehicle description: 2017 brown Bromscooter.
Police Beat 4
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00011337 2/25/19 8:15 AM Burglary Kaseberg Kingswood 700 Block of Vallejo Avenue Victim reported the burglary to his apartment. Stolen items included a Smith and Wesson handgun and a Colt AR-15 style rifle.
2019-00010028 2/4/19 2:51 PM Fraud Los Cerritos 900 Block of Main Street An unknown suspect scammed the victim into cashing a fraudulent check and sending them money
" 2/18/19 12:00 AM Fraud Roseville Heights 200 Block of Duranta Street Victim had his identity stolen and the suspect opened up a line of credit.
2019-00009740 2/17/19 5:15 PM Vehicle Theft Kaseberg Kingswood 700 Block of Vallejo Avenue Victim reported that her vehicle was stolen from the apartment parking lot where she resides. Estimated loss: $19,000. Vehicle description: 2016 red 2dr Honda Civic.
" 3/1/19 11:45 PM Vehicle Theft Sierra Vista 100 Block of Carmel Avenue An unknown suspect stole victim's vehicle, which was parked on the street in front of her residence. CRIME TIP: Consider using a physical anti-theft device on your vehicle. Park in well lit, open areas whenever possible. Never leave your vehicle running or the keys inside.
2019-00011017 2/23/19 11:15 PM Vehicle Theft Roseville Heights 100 Block of Main Street An unknown suspect stole the victim's vehicle. Vehicle description: 2013 white Ford Explorer.
Police Beat 5
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00009998 2/18/19 4:00 PM Burglary Foothills Junction 1700 Block of Gateforth Drive Unknown suspect(s) entered victim's garage and stole tools and various items located in moving boxes. The approximate cost to replace the stolen items is $5,165.
2019-00010405 2/20/19 9:30 PM Burglary Auto Highland Reserve 300 Block of Waterfield Drive An unknown suspect(s) smashed the victim's vehicle's front passenger door window. The suspect(s) then stole items from inside the vehicle. CRIME TIP: Do not leave valuables inside of your car. TAKE your valuables with you. LOCK your car. HIDE the things you cannot take BEFORE you arrive at your destination.
2019-00010033 2/19/19 9:30 AM Fraud Foothills Junction 1800 Block of Discovery Drive Victim received a phone call from a man claiming to be from the Social Security office. He advised her that her identity was being used in Texas by a person who was stopped with drugs and her identification. He advised her that the local police department would be contacting her. Victim then received a call from an "Agent John" claiming to be with the Roseville Police Department. Agent John instructed her to purchase eight google play gift cards at different locations, then give him the number on the back of the gift cards. Each gift card was for $500. CRIME TIP: Legitamite businesses or agencies will not ask for payment by gift card. If you are unsure if the person you are speaking to is a Roseville Police Department Officer, contact our Dispatch center at 916-774-5000.
Police Beat 6
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00011641 2/27/19 12:38 PM Burglary Fiddyment Farm 4100 Block of Settlers Ridge Drive Two unknown suspects kicked opened the front door. The suspect went to the master bedroom closet and took the victim's safe. The suspects exited the residence approximately one minute later with the victim's safe and the contents inside of it.
2019-00009836 2/14/19 12:01 AM Burglary Residential Woodcreek Oaks 1100 Block of Caragh Street An unknown suspect stole pool equipment from a vacant home. A witness saw an unknown white male on a bicycle enter the property and then leave, carrying a large blue item under his arm. Total loss is $2,700.
SOURCE: RPD Crime Analysis