Please note, this version of the Roseville Police Department Crime Log does not represent all the crime in the City of Roseville. This log highlights criminal activity as an awareness and to encourage residents to be proactive about crime prevention. For a comprehensive list of all the criminal activity in Roseville, please visit
Police Beat 1

Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00046932 8/8/19 2:00 PM Fraud Harding 291 Conference Center Drive An unknown suspect stole credit cards from a locker at VillaSport Athletic Club and used them at stores in Roseville.
2019-00046092 8/3/19 5:57 PM Fraud Creekside 1172 Galleria Blvd An unknown suspect fraudulently withdrew $300 from the victim's bank account through a Wells Fargo ATM.
2019-00046719 8/8/19 12:14 AM Grand Theft Harding 1813 Taylor Road Two adult male suspects entered the store with one distracting the clerk while the other stole $2,658 worth of lotto scratcher tickets.
2019-00048471 8/11/19 12:00 PM Identity Theft Galleria 1131 Galleria Blvd A known suspect has been able to get the personal identifying information of the three victim's to gain access to their Nordstrom's account. She has made a total of $2,105 in fraudulent charges from the Sacrament and Roseville Nordstrom's stores.

Police Beat 2

Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00046388 8/5/19 6:30 PM Burglary Commercial Johnson Ranch 3300 Douglas Blvd An unknown suspect entered the GMC Financial office and stole multiple laptops, a tablet, projector and other miscellaneous items. The approximate cost to replace the stolen items was $4,231.
2019-00046574 8/7/19 12:10 PM Burglary Commercial Stoneridge 8640 Sierra College Blvd Two individuals walked out of Safeway with a cartful of liquor bottles. The subjects were detained and transported to the Placer County Jail.
2019-00046011 8/4/19 9:58 AM Fraud Stoneridge 8650 Sierra College Blvd An unknown suspect withdrew $300 from the victim’s Wells Fargo bank account. Victim does not know how this happened as she has her debit card for the account.
2019-00046691 8/7/19 8:40 PM Grand Theft Lead Hill 180 N Sunrise Ave An unknown suspect entered the electronic store and took two iPads without paying. The total value of the stolen items was $1,298. The suspect was seen entering a red Ford Explorer.

Police Beat 3

Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00048765 7/22/19 12:00 AM Identity Theft Cherry Glen/Theiles Manor 500 Block of Sixth Street An unknown suspect opened three separate bank accounts using the victim's name without their permission.
2019-00046619 8/4/19 12:00 AM Vehicle Theft Folsom Road 700 Block of Atlantic Street An unknown suspect stole the victim's vehicle. Vehicle description: 2005 black Dodge Dakota
2019-00047734 8/2/19 5:30 PM Vehicle Theft Cresthaven 980 Riverside Ave. An unknown suspect stole the victim's vehicle. Vehicle description: 1994 silver Jeep Cherokee

Police Beat 4

Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00046027 8/4/19 12:30 PM Burglary Auto Kaseberg Kingswood 1400 Block of Kingswood Drive An unknown suspect defeated the lock on the victim's vehicle and stole medical supplies equipment.
2019-00047098 8/1/19 12:01 AM Fraud Roseville Heights 300 Block of Lincoln St An unknown suspect texted victim and convinced him to send them $200 in gift cards.

Police Beat 5

Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00047810 8/8/19 12:01 AM Fraud Pleasant Grove 1500 Block of Krpan Drive An unknown suspect used the victim's credit card information to make an unauthorized purchase.

Police Beat 6

Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2019-00046299 8/4/19 12:58 PM Fraud Blue Oaks 100 Block of Goldstone Ct Victim reported that an unknown suspect compromised her Wells Fargo account and withdrew $300 from an ATM.
2019-00048430 8/5/19 12:00 PM Fraud Sun City 7000 Block of Council Rock Road An unknown suspect accessed the victim's bank account on two occasions and withdrew a total of $550.
2019-00046797 5/3/19 12:00 AM Identity Theft Westpark 2000 Block of Hartland Circle Victim reported that an unknown suspect used his personnel information and social security number to open a Fingerhut account online and make a purchase. Estimated loss was $723.
2019-00045985 8/2/19 4:00 PM Vehicle Theft Woodcreek Oaks 1000 Block of Caswell Drive An unknown suspect stole the victim's vehicle in front of his residence. Vehicle description: 2003 grey Ford F-350
2019-00049047 8/18/19 2:00 AM Vehicle Theft Woodcreek Oaks 1700 Block of Glastonbury Circle Victim's vehicle was stolen overnight. Vehicle description: 2008 white Ford F-250.