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Under the current trash, recyclables, and green waste collection system, customers have one bin for green/yard waste and another for everything else. Your “One Big Bin” is collected weekly and delivered to our mixed waste processing facility, where we sort contents and remove marketable recyclables to sell. This system has worked well for three decades and has served its purpose towards helping Roseville exceed state trash and recycling requirements.

In 2018, in part because of China’s National Sword campaign, the requirement for exceptionally clean, uncontaminated recyclables has become very strict. This makes processing recyclables increasingly expensive. In conjunction with this crisis, state diversion and recycling requirements continue to become more stringent. In addition, in the next two years it will be punitive, strict, and extremely prescriptive – resulting in very little flexibility to meet these standards.

Beginning January 2022, state mandate SB 1383 requires Roseville to divert from landfill residential food scraps, food soiled paper and other compostable waste.

For these reasons, we are evaluating our operations to make sure we are providing a cost effective, convenient service to customers while also complying with state guidelines and mandates.

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This door hanger will be included when the new bins and counter top container are delivered.  It contains helpful information about what goes in which bin.