Frequently Asked Questions

What is a community solar facility?

Community Solar is a large centrally located solar-electric system that benefits multiple participants in the community. This program is designed to allow interested Roseville residents to participate in a solar project even if they do not have access to their roof.

Who is eligible to participate?

For the pilot project, participants must be served by Roseville Electric Utility and be on a residential electric rate.

How does the power I purchase get to my house?

The power provided by the solar facility is not directly fed into the customer's individual residence. The energy generated goes into Roseville Electric Utility's electric grid. Customers receive up to 100% of their energy from clean solar power.

What if I live in an apartment, condominium or rent a home?

This project is perfect for residents that rent or do not have access to their roof. It also can move with you, as long as you stay within Roseville Electric Utility's service territory.

When can I sign up?

Roseville Electric Utility has recently executed a contract with Clean Focus, Inc.  They have been hired to design, build and manage the community solar project.  Once the program has been designed and ready to make available to the public, more information on enrollment will be available.

If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact the Project Manager, Bill Chaplin at 916-774-5605 or .