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Sign Applications

The City Council recently adopted permanent provisions for A-frame signs within Roseville.  These provisions mirror the prior temporary provisions for A-frame signs with a few additions.  More information on the City's adopted A-frame sign provisions can be found here.

Sign Permit requests are reviewed by the Planning Division to determine conformance with the City's Sign Ordinance and the approved Planned Sign Permit Program, if applicable.  Banners/temporary signs do not require a permit, but must conform with the provisions of the Sign Ordinance.

The Sign Permit processing time is normally 10 working days; however, it is dependent upon the number of similar requests before the City.  Many sign applications can be approved over-the-counter.  Freestanding signs in driveway medians also require review and approval from the Fire Department. The processing of Planned Sign Permit Programs (PSPP) take approximately 4-6 weeks.

After the Planning Division has reviewed and approved the request, the information will be forwarded to the Building Division.  If the sign has electrical and/or structural requirements, a Building Permit is required.  When the Planning Division and Building Division have approved the application, the sign building permit will be prepared and the applicant is notified.

Sign Ordinance - July 2016 (Non-codified)

Roseville Municipal Code

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