Business HVAC Rebate

Roseville Electric offers rebates to help your building reduce internal heat loads and update air conditioning equipment with new, high efficiency units.

Room Refrigeration Measures

Package Terminal AC and HP  
Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 
VFD’s for Supply or Return Air Fans
VSM’s to replace existing Supply or Return Fan Motors

Heat Load Reducing Measures

Shade Trees – expanded list to choose from, must shade the building
Window Film – provides comfort and reduces internal heat loads

Participating contractors

  • Please make a reservation prior to purchasing materials and beginning work to confirm project eligibility.
  • Pre and post equipment must meet technical requirements outlined in program details.
  • This program has a limited budget and will be available until funds are depleted.
  • Reservations for funds will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Download our Business HVAC program application for full details on participation and eligibility.

Please contact your account representative to assist with your rebate application and answer questions about your energy efficiency needs:

Large energy using customers – Contact Kris Blair via email or call her at (916) 774-5581

Small and medium energy using customers – Contact Mark Riffey via email or call him at (916) 746-1667