Is the vehicle parked on the public street?
Roseville's Municipal Code prohibits storing vehicles--cars, trucks, trailers, or RVs--on the public street for longer than 72 hours without moving them. To report a vehicle that is in violation of this ordinance, please call the Roseville Police Department's Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at 746-1022.

Volunteers check this line regularly. The process for having an abandoned vehicle removed may require a few weeks. Volunteers or staff first check and mark the vehicle. They return at least three days later to see if the vehicle has been moved. If it has not been moved, they will post a citation on the vehicle. The citation is also mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle, giving them 10 days to move the vehicle. If the vehicle has not been moved by the end of the 10-day period, it will be towed and stored.

Is the vehicle on your private property?
If you are a business owner or property manager and you own a parking lot, it is your right and responsibility to have abandoned vehicles removed. However, you must properly post your property with signage advising people that unauthorized vehicles will be towed. For more information and signage requirements, please call the police department's community service division at (916)774-5050.

Is the vehicle on someone else's private property?
Roseville's Municipal Code prohibits the storing of unsightly (some might even say "ugly") vehicles on private property if they can be seen from the public right of way (for example, if the unsightly vehicle can be seen by someone standing on the sidewalk). What is "unsightly"? Vehicles that have been partially dismantled, have major parts such as the wheels or the engine removed, or are otherwise obviously inoperable, are considered "unsightly", and must be stored out of public sight. To report such a nuisance vehicle on private property, call the police department's abandoned vehicle hotline at (916)746-1022. Police staff will check on the vehicle to determine if it is indeed visible from the public right of way, and is indeed "unsightly". They will then work with the property owner to get the vehicle either removed or stored out of public view.

Abandoned Vehicle, 72 Hour Tow
*If you believe this vehicle is stolen, please also call our non-emergency line at 774-5000 extension #1

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