Operating a whole house fan or a ceiling fan is an efficient way to reduce your air conditioning usage and maintain a comfortable temperature at home. A whole house fan draws cool outside air in from your open windows and vents the hot inside air out through your attic. Ceiling fans circulate air throughout the room to help keep occupants cool. Take advantage of one or both of our residential fan rebates to improve comfort, make your home more energy efficient and help reduce your utility bills. 
How to Apply
  • Complete and sign the above application

  • Provide a copy of the receipt/invoice which includes the following information

    • Product model number

    • Name of retailer/installer

    • Date of purchase

  • Manufacturer's specification sheet showing cfm, at a minimum

  • Complete and sign the above referenced rebate form


  • Mail in the required documents to the following address:

           Roseville Electric Utility
           Residential Rebates
           2090 Hilltop Circle
           Roseville, CA 95747

If you have questions regarding the program or how to qualify call Roseville Electric Utility at 916-79-POWER (797-6937) or email us at RosevilleElectric@roseville.ca.us.

Whole House Fan Rebate

$400 per unit

Minimum 2,000 cfm per unit required

Ceiling Fan Rebate

$50 per unit

ENERGY STAR® required.
See link below for list of
qualified products
ENERGY STAR® Certified Ceiling Fans

How a whole house fan can benefit you:
  • Comfort - Open the windows in the cool evening and switch on your system for a breeze that can feel like a 10 degree reduction in your home while it simultaneously rids your attic of the "heat blanket" effect
  • Energy savings the next day - By allowing the fan to operate all night and "pre-cool" your house you can keep that expensive air conditioner from turning on until later in the day

How a ceiling fan can benefit you:

  • Fans keep the room airy and breezy.  The movement of the air gives the perception that the room temperature is a few degrees lower than it really is.  This will allow you to set the thermostat a few degrees higher than normal –thereby saving money.