Powering Life
We do more than just provide power—we invest in you by helping make Roseville a great place to live.

That’s why you live here, to be part of a vibrant community. We are a proud town. Proud of our services, culture, and family-friendly environment. Our community is consistently rated as being one of the best and safest in the nation, making us a regional and national magnet for families and businesses.

Our city is also recognized for being on the forefront of renewable energy programs. In addition to having the highest number of solar homes for a community our size, we’re investing in a community solar project and taking steps to support wider use of electric vehicles.

Here at Roseville Electric Utility, we are privileged to be your community-owned utility. It means that we have an active role in helping to support the things you love about Roseville. With more than $8 million in annual contributions, we are helping fund our parks, recreation, libraries, as well as police and fire. Our support is Powering Life, ensuring Roseville remains a dynamic and desirable community for you and the future generations to come.

Powering Reliability
Roseville Electric Utility’s primary goal is to provide highly reliable electricity for the benefit of you, the residents and businesses in Roseville. When we work for you our services go beyond the power grid.

Roseville Electric Utility is one of the most reliable utilities in the nation. You don’t have to worry about regular power outages. They only happen about once every 7 years. Because of this, we've been honored by PA Consulting with its ReliabilityOne™ Award and in 2008; we received the RP3 Designation from the American Public Power Association recognizing our high work force standards, reliability and excellent customer service standards since 2005.

You can count on our reliability because Roseville Electric Utility has a distribution system built on quality construction and regular maintenance. And our Roseville Energy Park—a 160-megawatt natural gas fired generation facility— truly lives up to its promise: to provide a reliable supply of locally generated power at the best possible price. Our natural gas fire plant generates enough energy to meet 40 percent of all our needs, while the remainder of our energy come from hydro, wind, solar and geothermal sources.

When it comes to electric rates, customers of community-owned power utilities always come out ahead. When compared to utility costs in neighboring Placer County communities, Roseville Electric Utility customers have electrical cost savings of about $20 million each year. That’s $20 million more to spend at local stores, restaurants, the auto mall, movie theaters, sports for kids, and other entertainment and recreation activities.


Powering Learning
Our Utility Exploration Center, located in the Riley Library, is a one-of-a-kind environmental learning center. Between preschool and school programs, workshops and events, the center offers fun and engaging educational opportunities for all ages. to protecting natural resources in a fun, engaging way. We built and continue to invest in this facility to provide programs that benefit you today, but also to help set the course for a sustainable city for decades to come.

Our libraries are also important educational and community hubs here in Roseville. It’s more than just the thousands of titles on the shelves, Roseville’s gone digital with ebooks, online access, and computer classes. We even have a game console center! We help power-up all these learning opportunities with annual investments in the facilities and programs.

Powering Play
In addition to the Exploration Center, the City of Roseville boasts seventy-two parks that offer a range of recreational opportunities. Working with the City of Roseville’s Parks and Recreation Department, we’ve got your favorite sport and playtime amenities in tip top shape. Our support has also gone to Project Play, which has created accessible, barrier-free and fully-inclusive playgrounds at Mahany and Maidu parks. These specially designed parks stimulate sight, sound, and imagination for young children of all abilities.