Roseville Solective – signups for our community solar pilot program are closed.

Thank you for your interest in our community solar project, Roseville Solective. Roseville Solective provides you the benefits of clean renewable energy without installing solar panels on your roof. The program is full but you can be added to our wait list if you wish.

Roseville Solective program information and wait list signup - Roseville Solective Website

This is a pilot program and is limited to residential accounts only. If selected from the wait list you will be notified via telephone or email. Participation begins automatically when selected. The program does not require a contract to participate. You can choose to opt-out anytime.

When participating in the project, you can choose to purchase either 100% or 50 % of your home’s energy use from locally generating clean solar energy. The locally generated solar power will cost an additional 1-2 cents more per kWh than power from the electrical grid.

A typical Roseville Electric residential customer purchasing 100% of their power from the community solar program would pay an additional $14.40/month. Purchasing 50% of their power from the community solar program would cost a typical residential customer an additional $7.20/month. The additional cost each month will depend on your energy use.

When in the program, solar purchases and solar credits will appear as new line items on your utility bill.

For example: