What: National Night Out events in Roseville
When: Tuesday, August 1, 2023, 6 - 9 p.m

What Is National Night Out?
NNO creates a time and place to join your neighbors for a social event in your neighborhood.  Meet each other and start a plan to work together to take a stand against crime!  
Plan a BBQ, potluck, an ice cream party - or just a casual get-together to enjoy each other's company!

If you would like to invite representatives from Roseville Police, Fire, City Manager's Office, City Council, and Placer County Probation & DA's Office, (and more!) register your event with the Roseville Police Department using the webform below.

Whether or not you want to invite City representatives, make sure to also register your NNO event on the national NNO website at https://natw.org/registration/

Photos from NNO 2022:
NNO 2022  NNO 2022 NNO 2022
NNO 2022 NNO 2022  NNO 2022

National Night Out Registration Form
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  If in a City park, does your event require access to electrical power in the Park?

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Note: Please be aware that we will try to visit every event to which we are invited; however, our attendance will depend on availability.


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