Keepin' It Clean Program
The health of our watershed is affected by how we live. Learn how water flows throughout the region and the types of pollutants commonly found there. Investigate water pollution crime scenes using scientific inquiry and testing equipment.

Students will:
- Understand the relative scarcity of fresh water and the importance of maintaining a safe water supply
- Identify the stages of the water cycle and at which stage humans impact water quality
- Identify how pollution spreads in a watershed
- Gain a basic understanding of water pollution and water analysis
- Discuss various water pollution prevention methods

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Use the links below to introduce students to vocabulary and concepts discussed on your field trip.
Slides – words/definition
Worksheet – crossword

Pre/Post Visit Activities
1) Water Survey - In preparation for their visit to the Roseville Utility Exploration Center, students collect and analyze data on how much water they consume on a daily basis.

2) Water Pollution - Student can create an understanding of what water pollution is and how it occurs.

3) Public Service Announcement - Students produce ad campaigns (posters, school announcement, play, and/or movie) that inform about the effects excess nitrates, phosphates, and/or chlorine have on the local watershed.

CA Content Standards (NGSS & CCCS): Keepin' It Clean Program State Standards
Teacher's Manual: Investigating Vernal Pools
Student Handbook: Life In Our Watershed - Investigating Streams and Water Quality