Electron Flow Program
Discover what electricity is, how it flows through circuits and how important it is in our daily lives. Measure the brightness and energy consumption of various light bulbs to determine the best energy-conserving choices for the home.

Students will:
- Use a multimeter to measure the voltage flowing across a circuit
- Use a light meter to measure the light intensity produced by different lamps
- Use measurements taken to compare a lamp's energy consumption and determine the more energy-efficient lamp
- Understand the connection between a light bulb's efficiency and electricity consumption and the greater problem of global warming and resource depletion

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Use the links below to introduce students to vocabulary and concepts discussed on your field trip.
Slides – words/definition
Worksheet – crossword

Pre/Post Visit Activities
1. Renewable Energy Bingo - Use the pictures to match the different sources of energy. Which are renewable and which are nonrenewable?

2. Public Service Announcement - Students produce ad campaigns (posters, school announcement, play, movie) on the best choices for using electricity more efficiently or cutting down on unnecessary wasted electricity.

3. Students can be the teacher! Ask students what they can teach their parents about energy efficiency/conservation from this field trip.

CA Content Standards (NGSS & CCCS): Electron Flow Program State Standards
Conserve & Renew. An Energy Education Activity Package for Grades 4-6.
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