The IT Department strives to provide secure, cost effective and proficient technology leadership for Roseville. All while remaining customer focused, continuously improving partnerships, working towards the City's success, achieving results by meeting business needs through flexible and agile innovation, and developing a trusted, cooperative, collaborative work environment.

Program Performance Budget for 2016-2017 


Number of innovative projects submitted (quarterly)                                            25 
Amount of Revenue transacted via technology (annual)                                      $216 Mil 
Number of innovative projects completed (annual)                                              12 
Number of change requests submitted (annual)                                                  650 
Percentage of Annual General Fund Operating Revenue Spent                        5.3% 
Number of radio transmissions without busy signal (quarterly)                      2.26 Mil 
Number of landline/telephone calls with external customers (quarterly)        3.23 Mil 
Number of web conferences conducted (quarterly)                                              988 
Number of visits to City websites (quarterly)                                                          3.5 Mil 
Number of views of City websites (quarterly)                                                        25 Mil 
Number of service requests and incidents handled (quarterly)                        7,500 
Number of general government business systems & solutions supported (annual) 110 
Number of public safety systems & solutions supported (annual)                  96 
Number of utility systems & solutions supported (annual)                                15 
Number of mobile computing devices supported (annual)                                1,500 
Number of computing devices supported (annual)                                              1,500 
Number of personal mobile devices supported (annual)                                  350 

Application uptime during business hours (quarterly)                                              99% 
% of priority 1 service or incident requests completed within 4 hrs (quarterly)    75% 
% of medium service/incidents requests completed within 5 days (quarterly)    80% 
% increase of mobile usage from prior year (annual)                                              10% 
Overall customer satisfaction (annual)                                                                        95% 
# of open data sets established on internet (annual)                                              10%