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Join us for our gardening workshops, which areRegister Online Now designed to follow key seasonal tasks to help you keep your garden healthy, beautiful and water-wise. Gardening workshops are taught by Placer County Master Gardeners, City of Roseville Water Efficiency staff and other industry experts who have the know-how to help you keep your landscape sustainable and beautiful. All workshops are hosted at the Utility Exploration Center (1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd) unless otherwise noted.

All gardening classes are $6 for Roseville residents or $8 for non-residents unless otherwise noted.

Call us at 916.746.1550 to register for the Green Gardening Workshops. Please register in advance. Due to class size limitations, we cannot guarantee day-of registrations.

Our upcoming gardening workshops:

Drip Irrigation Made Simple
Saturday, August 11 • 10 am - 12 pm 
•  this workshop is full
Please see below for information on our Advanced Irrigation Techniques workshop.

Advanced Irrigation Techniques
Saturday, September 8 • 10 am - 12 pm 
•  $6 Roseville residents / $8 non-residents • course code 00003636
Looking for ways to save water? Want to stay abreast of the latest irrigation system technology? We will share the advantages and disadvantages to various types of water efficient equipment on the market today.

Planting with Natives
Saturday, September 15 • 10 am - 12 pm 
•  $6 Roseville residents / $8 non-residents • course code 00005868
Looking for ways to save water? California native plants have spent centuries adapting to our region's growing conditions, and their benefits are plentiful: they take less work, resources and water. Native plants improve soil, use fewer pesticides and are useful to beneficial insects. Find out how to add these beauties to your garden. We'll also cover drought tolerant options.

Right Tree in the Right Place
Saturday, September 22 • 10 am - 12 pm 
•  $6 Roseville residents / $8 non-residents • course code 00005899
Trees planted today are an investment in the future, and planting the right tree in the right place can mean years of beauty, shade and trouble-free growth. Learn how to choose appropriate trees for your landscape, where to plant for maximum enjoyment and usefulness and when is the best time to water. Fall is the best time to plant, so put our tree experts to work for you by getting all your tree questions answered.   

Composting with Worms
Saturday, October 13 • 10 am - 12 pm •  $20 Roseville residents / $23 non-residents • course code 00005900

It’s easy, inexpensive and fun to raise worms for vermiculture - transforming food scraps and household waste into nutrient-rich soil using worms. Participants will create their own worm bin and learn how to care for it. Discover more about this exciting way to improve your organic fertilizer! Class fee includes bin and worms.

Composting and Mulching Basics
Saturday, November 10 • 10 am - 12 pm •  $6 Roseville residents / $8 non-residents • course code 00005901
​Did you know yard debris and kitchen scraps can improve your soil? It’s true! Composting reduces waste sent to the landfill, helps you create your own free fertilizer and saves water. Learn about bins, equipment and materials used in a variety of composting styles. Each participating household will receive a free compost bin. Compost bins are large - truck, van or SUV needed to transport.