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The Utility Exploration Center provides programming customized to fit your needs. We offer programming for youth groups including the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, high school and college level students, churches and other community groups. 

Our programs range in length from one to two hours and focus on topics including energy conservation, waste reduction, water conservation and watershed protection. Whether you are working towards another hard-earned badge or looking to make your community a better place to live, our experienced staff can provide you with an exciting program designed to fit your needs.

$3.50 per person - 1 hour tour
$4.00 per person - 1.5 hour tour
$4.50 per person - 2 hour tour
*minimum charges apply to groups smaller than 10

Click here to download the Group Tour Guide.

If you are interested in our school field trips, please visit our school programs page.

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FREE Tour Add-On:  Zero-Waste Lunch Dump
(Available Monday through Thursday)

Bring your lunches and eat in the outside courtyard (or meeting rooms on rainy days). After lunch, we will conduct a lunch dump where students explore and categorize the stuff they tossed in the trash after lunch. Some of the leftover food is fed to our worms in our worm composting bins. A gift shop is available to visit (in small groups) during your lunch break. Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour after your tour for lunch.

Lunch Dump teacher and kids

FREE Tour Add-On:  Martha Riley Library Tour
(Available Monday and Wednesday only)

Located in the same building as the Exploration Center, the Martha Riley Library has an extensive collection of media. The library houses environmental books and periodicals, plus over 40 internet-connected public computers for further green research. Free tours on how to use the library can be requested as library staffing allows. Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour after your tour for a library tour.

Library Tour Kids with Librarian