Roseville Electric Utility's Commercial Lighting Rebate Program is designed to provide energy efficiency rebates to all business customers who upgrade to LED light fixtures that result in saving of energy (kWh).

Rebates of up to $5 per LED screw-in bulb or up to $0.15 per kilowatt hour (kWh) reduced, as determined through completion of the attached lighting schedule.

Participating contractors
     • Must have a City of Roseville business license.
     • Must accept the Roseville Electric Utility Contractor Code of Conduct.

Commercial lighting

Lighting Rebate

Some highlights of the program include:

LED Replacement Bulbs

     • Earn rebates when replacing incandescent screw in and plug in bulbs with long lasting, low energy using LED qualified replacements, less than 20 watts per bulb.

Custom Incentives

     • Custom incentives for all other LED lighting retrofit projects. Total projects must yield a minimum of 50% energy savings.

     • All LED products must be certified by ENERGY STAR® or by the Design Lighting Consortium (DLC).

Please see our Business Lighting Program Application for full details on participation and eligibility.


Program Requirements

Prior to purchasing equipment and starting to work on the project, an applicant must:

Fill out and submit Reservation Form A

Fill out and submit lighting schedule found here.

Submit other required documents, listed on Form A.

Apply For Your Rebate

Print Application

* Terms and conditions can be found on the the print application.

Reservations are encouraged.  Follow the guidelines as listed on Form A.

This program has a limited budget and will be available until funds are depleted.

Reservations for funds will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis.

Contact Us

Please contact your trusted energy advisor or program manager at 916-472-1337 to assist with your rebate application or answer questions about your energy needs.