Our Customized Rebate Program is designed to provide energy efficiency rebates to mid-size and large business customers who install energy (kWh) reducing measures, where the project is not offered in a prescriptive rebate program.

Rebates of up to $0.20 per kilowatt hour (kWh) reduced, as determined through the final measurement and verification process required for the project.

Participating contractors

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Customized Rebate

Reservations are required; projects completed without following the Customized Rebate Program process are not eligible for rebates.

This program has a limited budget and will be available until funds are depleted.
Reservations for funds will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis.

Reservations are not a guarantee of payment; the Roseville Electric Utility M&V process will determine kW reduction and annual kWh saved, which is the basis for the rebate payment.

Program Requirements

Prior to purchasing equipment and starting to work on the project, an applicant must:

Submit Customized Rebate Program Reservation FORM A and the required documentation to Roseville Electric Utility to review and for pre-approval of potential rebates the scope of work.

Receive, sign and return the Customized Rebate Program Offer for the proposed project.

Work with Roseville Electric Utility to provide pre and post project verification of the results.

Download our Application for Customized Rebate for additional details on participation and eligibility.

Please contact your account representative to assist with your rebate application and answer questions about your energy efficiency needs:

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* Terms and conditions can be found on the the print application.

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Please contact your trusted energy advisor or program manager at 916-797-6937 (79-POWER) to assist with your rebate application or answer questions about your energy needs.