The Planning Commission approved the HP Campus Oaks Master Plan Design Guidelines on March 9, 2017

Campus Oaks Design Guidelines (PL15-0340)

The Planning Division is currently processing an application for creation of design guidelines for the Campus Oaks area. The Campus Oaks Design Guidelines will act as a companion document to the HP Campus Oaks Master Plan and will supplement the City’s Community Design Guidelines. The Campus Oaks Design Guidelines are intended to address unique features within the plan area such as the paseos and landscaping and provide additional design direction for the Medium Density and Small Lot Residential land uses.

The Campus Oaks Design Guidelines are scheduled for a public hearing in front on the Planning Commission on March 9, 2017.

The Campus Oaks Amendments (PL16-0153) project was approved by City Council on August 17, 2016

Project Description

The proposed project will convert the five (5) acre CO-21 parcel from High Density Residential (HDR) to Business Professional (BP). The number of residential units (948) within the plan area will remain unchanged, however the distribution between the High Density Residential (HDR), Medium Density Residential (MDR), and Low Density Residential (LDR) will be modified. The number of HDR units will increase by 61, the number of MDR units will decrease by 49, and the number of LDR units will decrease by 12. The acreage and unit allocation will be amended for some of the Campus Oaks residential parcels to accommodate the adjustments to the residential land uses. The project will also transfer the 38 required affordable residential units from parcel CO-21 to parcels CO-22 and CO-23 and add 11 additional affordable units to the plan area (distributed between parcels CO-22 and CO-23).

The proposed land use modifications are shown in Figure 1.

land use map(FIGURE 1 Land Use)

Amendments to the HP Campus Oaks Master Plan are proposed to reflect the changes in land use, zoning, and affordable residential units. The modifications to the master plan also include an updated conceptual development plan to show how the Campus Oaks parcels could develop based on the new land use plan (see Figure 5-2 within the master plan). The phasing plan has also been updated to incorporate parcel CO-23 into the first phase of development.

The project will require a General Plan Amendment (GPA) and Rezone to amend the land use and zoning of the affected parcels (CO-4, CO-6, CO-12, CO-14, CO-16, CO-21, CO-22, CO-23, CO-24a &b, and CO-31), a Lot Line Adjustment (LLA) to modify the acreages of the large lot parcels, and a Development Agreement Amendment (DAA) to modify the obligations between the City and the land owners/developers. The amendments to the HP Campus Oaks Master Plan are being processed through a Major Project Permit (MPP) Stage 1.

The GPA, Rezone, and LLA exhibits as well as the proposed modifications to the HP Campus Oaks Master Plan are provided below.

The Planning Commission staff report with attachments and exhibits can be found here.

For questions or comments, please contact the Project Planner - Gina McColl, Associate Planner, at (916) 774-5452 or [email protected]. Letters should be addressed to:

City of Roseville
Development Services - Planning Division
311 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678

Project Related Documents

Land Use Plan Exhibit - June 2016

General Plan Amendment Exhibit - June 2016

Rezone Exhibit - June 2016

Lot Line Adjustment Exhibit - June 2016

HP Campus Oaks Master Plan - June 2016

HP Campus Oaks Master Plan Redline - June 2016

Information on the approved HP Campus Oaks Master Plan is provided as follows:

City Council Packet (note the Campus Oaks report begins on page 806 of the packet)

HP Campus Oaks Land Use Plan - Approved Aug 5, 2015