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About Dial-A-Ride

Roseville Transit Dial-A-Ride provides curb-to-curb public bus service, and complementary ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) paratransit service.

Dial-A-Ride is a shared ride transit service that operates within the city limits of Roseville. Anyone can use Dial-A-Ride, it is not limited to seniors or persons with disabilities. 

Passengers are transported in small buses that are ADA compliant and equipped with wheelchair lifts and securement areas.

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Hours & Holidays

Monday - Friday: 5:45 a.m. - 10 p.m. (No same-day trips from 7 - 10 p.m.)
Saturday & Sunday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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How Dial-A-Ride Works

Rides are reserved 14 days in advance up to one day in advance, and passengers share their ride with other passengers traveling in the same general direction.

Passengers receive a pick-up time when making a reservation, and need to be ready 15 minutes before and after that confirmed time. The Dial-A-Ride bus can arrive any time 15 minutes before and after your pick-up time. Passengers must be ready and waiting for the bus at the curb.

Drivers wait for passengers at the curb of a public street, as close to the designated pick-up location as possible, for no longer than two minutes.

Roseville Transit attempts to keep ride times under 60 minutes, and provides a level of service comparable to Local Service. However, customers traveling farther may experience longer travel times due to distance or traffic conditions.

Upon request, drivers can assist passengers in getting on and off the bus. Drivers are not permitted to assist passengers with carry-on items.

Uses for Dial-A-Ride

Anyone can use Dial-A-Ride for traveling to medical appointments, shopping, commuting to work, meetings, parties, sports events, recreation, visiting, and much more. An adult or responsible youth must accompany passengers under age 11.

Roseville Transit does not provide emergency, gurney, or door-to-door service.

Also, Dial-A-Ride cannot be used for transporting school-age children to and from school, or school-sponsored activities, regardless of whether they are traveling alone or accompanied by an adult.

ADA Paratransit Service

ADA Paratransit Service operates as a complement to Local Service and is available to individuals with disabilities preventing them from using the Local Service. Complementary ADA Paratransit Service on Dial-A-Ride complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
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Reserving A Ride

Ride reservations are accepted seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To make your reservation, call 745-7560 or TDD 888-745-7885. When the reservationist answers, tell them:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your home address and phone number
  3. The day and date you want to travel.
  4. The time of your appointment.
  5. Your pick-up address.
  6. Your destination address.
  7. The time of your return trip.
  8. A phone number where you can be reached on the day of your trip.
  9. How many will be traveling, plus any specific information which may assist us in providing your ride; needing a wheelchair lift, traveling with an attendant, the gate access number or needing extra time to board.
  10. At the end of your call, dispatch staff will give you your pick-up time and repeat your ride information.

Same-Day Trips

Ride requests for the same day of travel are provided when space is available for a fare of $7.50. Same-day trips are not available from 7 - 10 p.m., Monday through Friday. 
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Subscription Trips

On a space available basis, requests for ongoing (subscription) rides will be accommodated. Subscription rides continue automatically until the subscription is canceled. You must call to cancel your subscription ride on days when you do not want to use the service.

Canceling A Ride

If you need to cancel your ride, call 745-7560 more than two hours before your scheduled pick-up time. Otherwise, you will be recorded as a no-show. The cancellation line is always open. Please provide the following information to the reservationist, or by leaving a message:

  1. Your name
  2. The day and date of your appointment
  3. The time of your appointment
  4. If you are canceling your trip one or both ways
  5. A phone number where you can be reached on the day of your trip

Excessive Cancellations
To avoid excessive cancellations which prevent fair and equitable use of the system by all customers, a pattern of excessive cancellations may result in suspension of service.

Schedule Blocking

Schedule Blocking is prohibited and is defined as scheduling multiple trips to hold or reserve travel times with the intent to use only the most preferred time(s) and to cancel the remaining trips.

No-Show Policy

Passengers receive a no-show when they fail to cancel a reserved or subscription ride at least two hours before the scheduled pick-up time, when they are absent from the location at the scheduled pick-up time, or when they are not ready at the scheduled pick-up time. Please note that if a passenger is a no-show for the pick-up, the return trip is not automatically canceled.

A violation of the Dial-A-Ride No-Show Policy will result in a $8.00 fee . This fee must be paid within 21 days or future trips will be suspended until the fee is paid. This fee does not apply to ADA Paratransit Service.

Service Beyond Roseville

Roseville Transit Dial-A-Ride will travel only to the following locations outside of Roseville:

Citrus Heights

  • California Burger– 8537 Auburn Blvd.
  • Jack in the Box– 8655 Auburn Blvd.

Granite Bay

  • Bayside Church – 8171 Sierra College Blvd.
  • Chick-fil-A – 4040 Douglas Blvd.
  • Lincoln Training Center – 8331 Sierra College Blvd.
  • Quiznos – 8405 Sierra College Blvd.


  • Carl's Jr. – 6741 Stanford Ranch Road
  • Floor & Decor – 6681 Five Star Blvd.
  • La Bou – 6801 Five Star Blvd.