Please note, this version of the Roseville Police Department Crime Log does not represent all the crime in the City of Roseville. This log highlights criminal activity as an awareness and to encourage residents to be proactive about crime prevention. For a comprehensive list of all the criminal activity in Roseville, please visit
Roseville Police Crime Log December 3-16, 2022
Police Beat 1
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2022-00066299 12/10/22 5:30 PM Grand Theft 1196 Galleria Blvd A suspect stole approx. $1,000 worth of merchandise from victim's vehicle. Suspect stole the vehicle but was later apprehended and booked into the South Placer Jail.
2022-00067071 12/14/22 8:10 PM Grand Theft 1131 Galleria Blvd Nordstrom loss prevention called to report a theft that had just occurred at their store. Officers located the vehicle and detained the occupants.
2022-00065195 12/5/22 5:00 AM Grand Theft 1930 Taylor Road An unknown suspect stole from the hotel a desktop computer used by the hotel guests. No further suspect information and/or leads at this time.
2022-00066618 12/6/22 5:00 AM Grand Theft 1197 Galleria Blvd An unknown black female adult, entered an employee only room and stole a wallet. The suspect later used the debit/credit card for over $1,000. There is video surveillance of the incident
2022-00067189 12/15/22 1:37 PM Robbery 1196 Galleria Blvd On 12/15/22 a male suspect entered the Nordstrom Rack and grabbed several items of clothing. He then exited the store without making any attempt to pay for the items. A loss prevention officer ordered him to stop while following him. The suspect turned and attempted to punch the loss prevention officer. The punch did not connect and the suspect eventually surrendered himself to the officer.
Police Beat 2
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2022-00064951 12/3/22 2:14 PM Grand Theft 1925 Douglas Blvd A male suspect exited the department store without paying for several items. The suspect left in a blue-silver SUV.
Police Beat 3
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2022-00066249 12/9/22 8:30 AM Grand Theft 405 Vernon St The catalytic converter was stolen from the victim's Toyota Tundra.
2022-00800961 12/11/22 7:35 AM Grand Theft 405 Vernon St Two wallets and two phones were stolen from the victim's vehicle.
Police Beat 4
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2022-00800932 11/26/22 5:45 PM Grand Theft 1700 Block of PFE Road The catalytic converter was stolen from the victim's truck.
2022-00065179 12/5/22 1:40 AM Vehicle Theft 300 Block of Bradford Ct A suspect stole the victim's vehicle using a key located inside the glove box. VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: 2011 Green Ford Fiesta.
Police Beat 5
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2022-00067011 12/14/22 2:57 PM Burglary 6740 Stanford Ranch Road Three suspects fled the scene after stealing merchandise at a sporting goods store. The suspects ultimately crashed their vehicle and were taken into custody.
2022-00065500 12/6/22 5:36 PM Grand Theft 10001 Fairway Drive Two suspects worked together to steal merchandise from The Home Depot (10001 Fairway Dr.). When one of the suspects walked out with the stolen merchandise, he was confronted by loss prevention and physically assaulted the loss prevention employee and fled on foot. The suspect was not located and remained at large.
Police Beat 6
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2022-00800935 12/3/22 7:42 AM Fraud 500 Roseville Pkwy The victim's cash benefit was fraudulently withdrawn from the bank.
Police Beat 7
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2022-00065237 12/2/22 3:30 PM Burglary 6121 Oberlander Dr A tankless water heater was been taken from a construction site of a new residential community. Water heater is valued at $3,000.
2022-00064927 11/30/22 12:00 PM Fraud 7500 Block of Council Rock Rd A victim bought four Visa gift cards totaling $2,000 after receiving a call that she had won $2,000,000 but needed to pay some taxes on the winnings. The victim gave the gift card numbers to the suspect after believing she had won $2,000,000.