CrimeReportMay01May14-2022Please note, this version of the Roseville Police Department Crime Log does not represent all the crime in the City of Roseville. This log highlights criminal activity as an awareness and to encourage residents to be proactive about crime prevention. For a comprehensive list of all the criminal activity in Roseville, please visit
Roseville Police Crime Log April 30 - May 13, 2022
Police Beat 1
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2022-00024590 5/9/22 2:30 PM Burglary Auto 1435 E Roseville Pkwy The victim’s locked vehicle was burglarized via window smash. Various items were stolen.
2022-00022685 4/30/22 1:40 PM Burglary Auto 1931 Taylor Road An unknown female suspect smashed the rear hatch window of the victim's vehicle which was parked in the parking lot. The female suspect placed the items into the back seat of a blue Dodge Magnum, which was driven by an unknown male, and left the parking lot.
2022-00023048 4/29/22 6:00 PM Fraud 1112 Galleria Blvd An unknown suspect place a skimming device on a bank ATM machine.
2022-00023356 5/1/22 7:27 PM Grand Theft 1197 Galleria Blvd Subject was detained by loss prevention after theft. Upon probation search and search incident to arrest, drug paraphernalia and suspected drugs were located on subject.
2022-00022757 4/29/22 8:00 PM Grand Theft 1197 Galleria Blvd The subject was seen exiting the store with a pile of merchandise in his arms, bypassing cash registers and not paying. The subject is then seen entering the passenger seat of an unknown color vehicle and fleeing the scene.
2022-00025032 5/11/22 8:37 PM Robbery 1196 Galleria Blvd Officers responded to a report of an assault with a knife. The three suspects attempted to steal an item from the store. When confronted by loss prevention staff, one of the suspects attempted to stab the employee. All three suspects were taken into custody and booked into jail.
2022-00023811 5/5/22 4:38 PM Robbery 1197 Galleria Blvd Officers responded to a robbery. Three suspects stole the victim's shoes. The suspects also battered the victim causing injuries to the victim.
Police Beat 2
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2022-00024622 5/9/22 10:04 PM Burglary 1515 Cirby Way A subject entered a closed business and took several items.
2022-00023590 5/4/22 4:00 PM Burglary Auto 1800 Block of Sierra Gardens Dr An unknown suspect(s) broke the window of the victim's vehicle and stole items.
2022-00022741 4/30/22 6:22 PM Burglary Auto 1500 Block of Maidu Dr An unknown suspect broke the victim's vehicle window and April 30 - May 13, 2022 stole her purse, which contained several identification items. One of her credit cards was used at a nearby store.
2022-00023279 5/3/22 11:50 AM Burglary Auto 1800 Block of Sierra Gardens Dr An unknown suspsect(s) burglarized her vehicle and stole her purse. Estimated loss: $465.
2022-00023525 4/26/22 2:00 PM Burglary Residential 100 Block of Sterling Ct An unknown suspect(s) stole money from the apartment of the victims.
2022-00024474 5/7/22 8:00 AM Grand Theft 1100 Block of Meadow Oaks Dr The catalytic converter was stolen from the victim's Toyota Prius.
2022-00022628 4/29/22 5:30 PM Grand Theft 900 Block of Trimble Way An unknown individual opened an unlocked vehicle and stole a computer.
2022-00023251 4/29/22 8:00 PM Grand Theft 384 Sunrise Ave Suspects stole a catalytic converter from victim's van. Both subjects were identified and the entire incident captured on video. Suspects were apprehended with the tools and property stolen from victim. Both suspects were arrested.
2022-00024165 4/30/22 11:00 AM Grand Theft 1700 Block of Vista Creek Dr The catalytic converter was stolen from the victim's motor home.
2022-00024212 5/5/22 12:00 AM Vehicle Theft 400 Automall Dr An unknown suspect stole a vehicle from a dealership. The vehicle is valued at $46,990.
Police Beat 3
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2022-00800290 4/30/22 3:00 AM Grand Theft 1100 Block of Myrna Ct The catalytic converter was stolen from the victim's Toyota Prius.
2022-00024583 5/8/22 7:00 PM Grand Theft 720 Sunrise Ave The catalytic converter was stolen from the victim's Honda Accord.
Police Beat 4
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2022-00023458 5/3/22 2:45 PM Burglary Auto 300 Block of Sawtell Road An unknown supsect(s) shattered the right-front passenger window on the victim's vehicle.
2022-00024668 5/9/22 6:00 PM Burglary Auto 1400 Block of Kingswood Dr An unknown suspect(s) burglarized the victim’s vehicle and stole boxes of clothing from the trunk of the vehicle.
2022-00023789 5/5/22 1:30 PM Fraud 2500 Block of Quail Ridge West The victim received a text message from a suspect(s) who impersonated her boss and requested she buy gift cards. She advised thatsince she was fairly new to her job she didn’t think much of it and proceeded to buy the gift cards. She purchased six Target Gift Cards of $100 dollars each and provided it to the suspect(s) via text message. She then informed me she contacted her boss to inquire about the gift cards and realized she was a victim of a scam when he told her he did not request any gift cards be purchased.
2022-00024000 5/6/22 11:40 AM Fraud 1017 Galleria Blvd The victims's wallet was taken after she forgot it at the register of her last location and her bank cards were later used.
2022-00024027 3/8/22 4:00 PM Fraud 2000 Block of Peridot St An unknown suspect(s) obtained the victim's check intended for his daughter's landlord and did a mobile deposit of it.
2022-00022812 5/1/22 4:04 AM Grand Theft 200 Block of Diamond Oaks Rd Two individulas attempted to steal the catalytic converter from the victim’s motorhome. They were stopped by police a short distance away from the scene. A search of their vehicle yielded a warm sawzall, numerous sawzall blades, a pipe cutter, floor jack, drugs, and pepper spray. Both subjects were arrested for related charges and booked into the South Placer County Jail.
2022-00023540 5/4/22 2:36 PM Robbery 205 Washington Blvd A known suspect (S-1), entered the victim business (V-2) and selected an 18 pack of Budweiser beer. S-1 walked to the point of sale where an employee (V-1) was at the register. S-1 told V-1 he was taking the merchandise and if V-1 tried to stop him he would, "Fucking kill him". S-1 exited the business and V-1 attempted to stop S-1. A physical struggle ensued and S-1 punched V-1 in the face and threw a full 12oz can of Budweiser at V-1's head. V-1 sustained minor laceration above his left eye. V-1 pepper sprayed S-1. S-1 remained on-scene and was contacted by officers and ultimately arrested.
2022-00024056 5/6/22 9:38 PM Robbery 200 Block of Pacific St V01's bicycle (purchase price $1,280) was stolen from 7Eleven. When the victim chased down the suspect, the suspect struck the victim in the face to get away, and did so. At approximately 2234 hours, the victim and his family located a different suspect (S02-Michael Calonje) riding the stolen bicycle. The family stopped Calonje, and I detained him. Calonje said the original suspect (Reid) told him the bike was "stolen" and "hot." Calonje also had bolt cutters (PC 466) in his possession. I arrested Calonje and booked him at SPJ. The first suspect (Reid) is still outstanding.
2022-00023686 5/4/22 7:30 PM Vehicle Theft 1100 Block of Quail Ridge East The victim's vehicle was was stolen from his apartment complex parking lot. VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: 2007 Greg BMW 335i.
2022-00024387 5/8/22 1:00 AM Vehicle Theft 2111 March Road An unknown suspect entered the secured storage yard at the above mentioned location via an unknown means. The suspect located the keys to the victim's Dodge Dakota pickup truck as well as the property gate keys. The suspect then stole the Dodge Dakota. VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: 2001 White Dodge Dakota.
Police Beat 5
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2022-00022670 4/29/22 8:30 PM Burglary 10500 Block of Fairway Drive An unknown individual smashed the rear window of a car and stole items.
2022-00022760 4/30/22 5:30 PM Fraud 10593 Fairway Dr A victim had his wallet stolen by an unknown suspect, or he lost or misplaced the wallet. An unknown suspect(s) used his Wells Fargo credit card at an unknown Chevron.
2022-00023024 4/29/22 2:57 AM Grand Theft 1700 Freedom Way an unknown suspect stole three packaged television sets from the loading dock of TopGolf.
Police Beat 6
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2022-00024300 5/8/22 6:05 AM Burglary 3051 Woodcreek Oaks Dr A-1 forced entry into a construction site and stole tool equipment valued in ecess of $950. Officers contacted A-1 in commision of the crime, and in possession of the property (On his person and vehicle). A-1 was taken into custody. The stolen items were returned to the vicitm business.
2022-00023451 5/4/22 3:15 AM Burglary Commercial 1020 Winding Creek Rd An unknown suspect(s) burglarized a portable storage container and stole tools. Estimated loss: $12,000.
2022-00023912 5/5/22 8:25 PM Burglary Commercial 1402 Blue Oaks Blvd Unknown suspect(s) smashed the front door window and made entry into the close/locked business. Suspect(s) stole a cash register containing approximately $600-$700 dollars and a watch valued at $3,900.
2022-00024014 5/6/22 12:00 AM Fraud 4012 Foothills Blvd An unknown suspect inserted a skimming device into an ATM machine.
Police Beat 7
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2022-00023560 5/1/22 2:00 PM Burglary 3100 Block of Alderwood Pl An unknown suspect(s) burglarized the victim's home.
2022-00023232 2/11/22 10:00 AM Grand Theft 7400 Block of Apple Hollow Loop Victim reported that an unknown suspect stole his wife's watch. Estimated loss: $2,500.
2022-00022849 5/1/22 9:45 AM Vehicle Theft 1700 Block of Pleasant Grove Blvd An unknown suspect(s) stole the victim's vehicle. VEHICLE DESCRIPTON: 2012 Green Honda.