We make (water wise) house calls

Updated October 23, 2018
We make (water wise) house calls
“Remember when doctors used to make house calls?” asked Bobby Alvarez, water efficiency administrator. “That’s exactly what we do in our Water Wise House Calls program. We send our water doctors to people’s homes to diagnose problems and recommend solutions.”

Customers who receive a Water Wise House Call find their water usage declined by an average of 15 percent, though savings of 30 percent or more have been documented.

All Water Wise House Calls also include free water-saving devices and other information including current rebate offerings that can help customers lower water use. Each visit is followed up with a written report that helps inform customers about wise water use.

“The real value of the Water Wise House Calls program is the one-to-one interaction with customers where we show them how to set their irrigation system, among other things,” Bobby added.

“The water efficiency folks are doing a great job,” said resident Larry Blevins. “Their house call was great. John, the technician who came to my home, was really friendly and professional. He explained the program and the rebates.”

Larry continued, “I tell all my friends in Roseville about the Water Wise House Call program. Everyone should take advantage of it. Their rebates are great for frugal people like me.”

A Water Wise House Call takes approximately one hour. To schedule an appointment, visit Roseville.ca.us/housecall.

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