Please note, this version of the Roseville Police Department Crime Log does not represent all the crime in the City of Roseville. This log highlights criminal activity as an awareness and to encourage residents to be proactive about crime prevention. For a comprehensive list of all the criminal activity in Roseville, please visit
Police Beat 1
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00058960 9/19/18 2:18 PM Burglary Creekside 1196 Galleria Blvd The two suspects are frequents shoplifters that are known to staff at Nordstrom's Rack. They worked together to conceal more than $1,000 worth of merchandise in a shopping cart. They both left and were later apprehended by Loss Prevention and then booked into the South Placer Jail.
2018-00058938 9/18/18 8:30 PM Burglary Auto Harding 1100 Block of Roseville Parkway Suspect(s) gained access to the victim's locked vehicle. The suspect(s) then stole items from the trunk. CRIME TIP: Do not leave valuables inside your car. TAKE your valuables with you. LOCK your car. HIDE the things you cannot take BEFORE you arrive at your destination.
2018-00059206 9/20/18 8:00 PM Burglary Auto Harding 1174 Roseville Parkway An unknown suspect broke the victim's vehicle window and stole multiple items from a vehicle in the Dave and Busters parking lot.
2018-00060075 9/25/18 1:45 PM Burglary Auto Industrial Area West 1120 Roseville Parkway An unknown suspect(s) smashed the rear passenger side door window of the victim's vehicle. The suspect(s) then went through the victim's vehicle and stole a suitcase with miscellaneous property.
2018-00060064 7/21/18 8:00 PM Burglary Auto Stoneridge 1389 East Roseville Parkway A suspect(s) entered a locked vehicle while parked and removed a PlayStation 1, video games, collectibles, videos, vehicle title, etc. Estimated loss: $4,540.
2018-00059075 9/19/18 4:30 PM Burglary Auto Harding 1100 Block of Roseville Parkway An unknown suspect broke into the victim’s locked vehicle and stole several items from the victim’s vehicle.
2018-00058948 9/19/18 3:55 PM Robbery Galleria 1151 Galleria Blvd The suspect grabbed the victim's purse and forcibly pulled it away from the victim. She then assaulted a second victim and bit him in the arm. She was unable to take care of herself due to intoxication and was placed under arrest.
2018-00059804 9/24/18 10:15 AM Vehicle Theft Creekside 1188 Galleria Blvd Victim left her key fob for her vehicle in the Bank of America lobby. Suspect picked up the key fob and used the key to enter victim's vehicle. Suspect drove away with victim's vehicle. The incident was witnessed by an on-duty undercover CHP Officer and FBI Agent. They followed the vehicle and eventually detained the suspect.
Police Beat 2
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00059293 9/21/18 8:30 AM Burglary Lead Hill 336 N Sunrise Ave An unknown suspect broke into a locker and stole the victim’s wallet. Suspect later fraudulently used the victim’s credit cards.
2018-00058571 9/18/18 4:10 AM Robbery Cherry Glen/Theiles Manor 2000 Douglas Blvd An unknown male adult punched an adult female in the face and stole $100 from her while she was at an ATM outside of Wells Fargo. The female sustained minor visible injuries to her face. No weapons were used during the incident.
Police Beat 3
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00058461 8/26/18 1:55 AM Grand Theft Folsom Road 220 Harding Blvd Victim reported that an unknown suspect(s) removed the catalytic converter from his vehicle while it was parked in Best Western's parking lot. Estimated loss: $3,000. CRIME TIP: If you own one of the frequently targeted vehicles: Toyota trucks, Toyota SUVs, or other trucks and SUVs that are high off the ground with accessible catalytic converters -- contact your mechanic to schedule an appointment to have your catalytic converter etched. The goal is to make your catalytic converter less attractive to thieves, harder for them to sell to metal recyclers, and easier for police to trace if it turns up in a scrapyard or in the hands of a suspected thief.
2018-00059779 9/21/18 9:00 PM Grand Theft Cresthaven 1000 Block of Cirby Oaks Way Suspect removed the catalytic converter from a Honda vehicle.
Police Beat 4
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00058534 9/17/18 8:06 PM Assault Roseville Heights Church Street Victim was standing on the sidewalk when suspects pulled up in a car and asked victim if she wanted to buy drugs. When she said no, suspects got out of the car and hit her. Victim had a scratch on her right ear lobe.
Police Beat 5
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00059080 9/20/18 8:50 AM Burglary Pleasant Grove 600 Block of Julmar Court Unknown suspects(s) entered the victim's open garage and removed two bikes valued at approximately $4,000.
2018-00060736 9/24/18 7:34 PM Burglary Stanford 10451 Fairway Drive Suspect entered victim's business, removed the anti-theft locks, selected multiple items, and exited store without paying for any of the items. Value of the stolen items exceeded $950. Suspect was working with another unknown suspect.
Police Beat 6
Case # Date/Time Type Neighborhood Location Summary
2018-00059091 9/20/18 6:00 AM Vehicle Theft Junction West 1600 Block of Goldstar Street White 2002 Honda Civic stolen.
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