New twist on drinking water tax

Updated August 23, 2018
New twist on drinking water tax
While most Californians have access to safe and reliable drinking water, there are still more than 300 water systems in the state that are non-compliant and fail to deliver water that meets public health standards. A vast majority of these systems are located throughout the Central Valley, and are privately owned and in rural, disadvantaged communities.

Senate Bill (SB) 845 proposes to collect funds from local water customers to fund system improvements for non-compliant water systems in other parts of the state.

City of Roseville understands the need for clean and safe drinking water for all, but opposes SB 845, as currently proposed, and is advocating for alternative policies that do not add new state taxes to your water bill.

What happens if it passes?

If passed, more than 3,000 public water agencies would be forced to collect a state tax or characterized as a “voluntary donation”. This “voluntary donation” will be a line-item added to your current water bill. Ratepayers will be required by the State to personally opt-out to avoid paying this water tax, which would require changes in billing systems and potentially hiring new staff to manage this new state water tax. In either case, it would make water less affordable.

Let your voice be heard!

Contact your legislators to encourage them to continue opposing SB 845!

Senator Jim Nielsen
[email protected]

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley
[email protected]

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