Your chance to rework the city budget

Updated March 07, 2018
Show us how you'd rework the city budget with Balancing Act, a gamification of our budget process and another component of the EngageRoseville effort.

Balancing Act is an easy way for you to learn about the city budget and the choices the City Council faces in creating a budget.

Go to Balancing Act.

This exercise is designed for you to close a $2 million budget gap. The current service levels are assigned an estimated value of the cost and savings. When you make a cut, you'll also learn the impact to city services associated with it.

Working through the different departments you must reduce those service levels to meet the budget shortfall. You will have to make some tough choices to reduce service levels throughout the City to balance the budget, matching expenses with revenues.

This is the first time we have applied this type of technology tool to get your input. The results will be provided to the City Council at its April 4th meeting along with results and feedback from FlashVote, the Community Conversation, the Community Priorities Advisory Committee, and your phone calls and emails.

Here are other upcoming City Council budget meetings.  All are open to the public.

Important Council meetings

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