Emergency response times to be improved in west Roseville with new access road

Updated February 22, 2018
Emergency Access RoadAccess RoadAt its February 21 meeting, the Roseville City Council approved the building of an emergency-vehicle access road connecting Phillip Road to Westbrook Avenue to improve emergency response times in west Roseville.

The access road solution balances residents’ concerns with cost and timeliness. And would improve emergency response times by about 50 percent from Fire Station 9 to west Roseville.

Current response times in west Roseville are consistent with response times in the rest of the city. The new emergency-vehicle access road is expected to be completed this summer.

At its January 10 meeting, the City Council also considered the idea of extending Blue Oaks Boulevard to improve response times.

“The Blue Oaks extension would cost around $13 million and take about two years to build. The access road will cost $30,000 and take just a couple months to build,” said City Manager Rob Jensen.

“Building this emergency vehicle access road is a quick and inexpensive way to further reduce response times in the area,” said Jensen.

“Completion of Blue Oaks Boulevard is the financial responsibility of the private developers in that area as part of their agreement with the City. It is an important piece of our future transportation system. It will happen but there is no timeline for the project at this point.”


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