Police Digest, February 14, 2018

Updated February 14, 2018
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Beat 1 (northeast Roseville)
Stoneridge, attempted burglary: At 3 a.m. February 6, residents in a house in the 3100 block of Wiskel Way heard a crash and their doorbell ringing, and found out that someone had thrown a rock through their sidelight window next to their door. No entry was made. We’re guessing a would-be burglar realized someone was home and left. (2018-7681)

Stoneridge, attempted burglary: At 3:27 a.m. February 8, officers responded to an attempted burglary on Aerie Court. Someone threw a rock through the sidelight window next to the front door. The resident yelled and likely scared off a would-be burglar. (2018-8184)

Stoneridge, attempted burglary: At 4:30 a.m. February 10, residents in a house in the 3000 block of Wiskel Way heard a crash, and found that someone had thrown a rock through the window next to the front door. No entry was made, and it’s possible the burglar realized someone was home and left. (2018-8661)

Burglary prevention tip: Doors with sidelights, which are tall, narrow windows on either side of the door, are more vulnerable to burglars. Burglars can break the glass and reach inside to unlock and open the door. If you have such windows next to your door, we recommend security measures such as using tougher wire glass or other tough, break resistant material, or covering the interior side of the window with clear security film. The security film won’t prevent the windows from breaking, but it will hold the glass in place and make it harder for burglars to reach through. Please note that we do not recommend double-cylinder deadbolts (locks that require a key to open from both sides). California’s building code prohibits them on main entry doors because they can prevent residents from getting out quickly if there’s a fire or other emergency.

Creekside, identity theft arrests: At 7:50 p.m. February 6, an officer was patrolling a parking lot in the 1200 block of Galleria Boulevard, and checked on people sitting in a parked car. A search of the vehicle produced heroin-related paraphernalia, credit cards and identification belonging to numerous victims of identity theft. Officers arrested a 31-year-old Sacramento woman on suspicion of identity theft, forgery, and outstanding warrants from Sacramento and Placer County, also for identity-theft charges. (2018-7896)

Beat 2 (east Roseville) 
Johnson Ranch, burglary: Overnight February 6/7, while a resident was away, someone broke a window next to the front door of a home in the 2700 block of Courtside Drive, reached in and opened the door, and burglarized the house. (See our note under Stoneridge in Beat 1 about ways to fortify sidelight windows to make them more difficult for burglars to access.)

Johnson Ranch, burglary attempt: At 6:14 a.m. February 7, officers responded to an alarm at a home in the 7900 block of Wringer Drive, and found that someone had smashed the window next to the front door. It didn’t appear that any entry was made, and it’s possible the alarm scared the would-be burglar away. (2018-7968)

Johnson Ranch, DUI: At 10 p.m. February 10, officers responded to a call about an erratic driver on Douglas Boulevard at Sierra College Blvd. The driver was currently asleep behind the wheel in a turn-lane. Officers contacted the 33-year-old Granite Bay man and arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. (2018-8834)

Lead Hill, robbery: At 2:54 a.m. February 6, officers responded to a restaurant in the 100 block of North Sunrise. A woman had eaten a meal and left without paying, elbowing an employee who tried to stop her. Officers arrested the 50-year-old Roseville woman on suspicion of robbery. (2018-7680)

Lead Hill, vandalism: At 7:30 p.m. February 10, officers responded to the parking lot of Kaiser Hospital for a vehicle that had been vandalized by someone the victim knew. Officers found the suspect on foot on Harding Boulevard at Lead Hill, and arrested the 33-year-old Roseville man on suspicion of vandalism. (2018-8815)

Beat 3 (central Roseville south of the rail yard)
Cirbyside, theft: Between 2 p.m. February 8 and 6:50 a.m. February 9, someone stole a delivered package from a porch in the 1100 block of Coral Drive. (2018-8508)

Hillcrest, fight: At 4:07 p.m. February 12, officers responded to two men fighting at a recycling center on Douglas Boulevard at Keehner Avenue. They arrested one of the men for being drunk in public and violating his probation, and cited the other one for possessing methamphetamine. (2018-9181, 9190)

Folsom Road, suspicious person: At 3:37 p.m. February 6, officers responded to a report of an intoxicated man with a handgun in a holster on his hip, outside a coffee shop in Roseville Square. Officers found out he was carrying a holstered replica pellet gun. They detained the 30-year-old man for public intoxication. (2018-7820) 

Folsom Road, disturbance: At 12:31 a.m. February 11, officers responded to a disturbance in the 100 block of Estates Drive. A man had assaulted a woman and broken out the windshield of a vehicle. Officers took the 26-year-old Roseville man into custody after a struggle, and arrested him on suspicion of domestic violence assault and resisting/delaying officers. (2018-8851)

Folsom Road, warrant arrest: At 11:06 p.m. February 12, officers responded to the parking lot of a hotel in the 200 block of Harding Boulevard to an occupied vehicle with suspected drug activity. The driver had refused to leave when asked to by private security. Officers contacted a 30-year-old Sacramento man, arrested him on two Sacramento County warrants, and towed his car. (2018-9262)

Beat 4 (central Roseville north of the rail yard) 
Sierra Vista, fights: At 1:30 p.m. February 5, officers responded to a large group of teenagers fighting at Woodbridge Park. Officers dispersed the fights, interviewed people and arrested or cited two juveniles. (2018-7535)

Los Cerritos, burglary: At 11:30 a.m. February 11, officers responded to a burglary in progress in the 500 block of Elefa Street. A man went into the backyard, forced entry into the garage and removed tools. Officers arrested a 32-year-old Citrus Heights man on suspicion of burglary. (2018-8903)

Roseville Heights, vandalism and assault: At 1:30 a.m. February 10, officers responded to a bar in the 100 block of Pacific Street, to a report that a patron had thrown a bottle, which damaged a big-screen TV and hit two employees on the head. The suspect had left and officers couldn’t locate him at that time. At about 12:15 a.m. the next morning, the suspect returned to the area. Officers chased down the 22-year-old Lincoln man and arrested him on suspicion of vandalism. (2018-8647)

Vineyard, assist: At 3:30 p.m. February 8, officers responded to a report of a disoriented woman in her early 60s who was staggering into traffic on the Foothills overpass. She was taken to the hospital for care. (2018-8337)

Vineyard, drug lab explosion:  At 6:18 p.m. February 13, Roseville Fire personnel responded to an explosion on the balcony of an apartment in the 1600 block of Vineyard Road. The explosion damaged the half-wall enclosing the balcony, and activated the building’s fire sprinklers. The firefighters notified police that they saw signs of an illegal honey-oil lab—an illegal operation using butane gas and other equipment to manufacture concentrated cannabis products. Officers responded to investigate, and ultimately arrested two brothers, ages 56 and 57, on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance by means of chemical extraction, conspiracy, and keeping a place to sell drugs. Both were booked into the South Placer Jail. (2018-9444)

Kaseberg-Kingswood, suspicious circumstances: Between February 12 and 13, someone tampered with a window screen in a home in the 300 block of Hemphill Way. They didn’t get into the house. (2018-9304)

Beat 5 (north central Roseville)
Pleasant Grove, burglary: Overnight February 9 to February 10, someone kicked the front door of an unoccupied home in the 1500 block of Brook Park Way and took tools and a few boxes of sentimental family mementos. (2018-8721)

Highland Reserve, credit card fraud: At 8:55 a.m. February 4, officers responded to a store in the 900 block of Pleasant Grove Blvd., to a report of a shopper acting suspiciously, buying electronics, handing them off to another person outside the store, and then returning to buy more. Officers ultimately detained three men, and found out they had been using a stolen credit card to make purchases. The credit card had been in a wallet that was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the Blue Oaks neighborhood the night before. Officers arrested two Rocklin men, ages 24 and 27, and a 32-year-old Roseville man on suspicion of burglary, conspiracy and credit card fraud. (2018-7242, 2017-7259)

Highland Reserve, suspicious circumstances: At 10:12 p.m. February 6, officers responded to a call about a man who appeared to be checking car door handles in a store parking lot in the 900 block of Pleasant Grove Blvd. Officers stopped a man who matched the description. They didn’t find any evidence of theft, but arrested the man on an outstanding warrant. (2018-7913)

Highland Reserve, arrests: At 2 a.m. February 6, an officer was patrolling parking lots in the 900 block of Pleasant Grove Blvd., and checked on a couple sleeping in a vehicle. After a search, the officer arrested a 25-year-old Sacramento man on suspicion being a felon in possession of a weapon (pepper spray), possession of drug paraphernalia and violation of parole, and cited his companion, a 25-year-old Sacramento woman, on suspicion of possessing cocaine. (2018-7950)

Highland Reserve, drug arrests: At 2:05 p.m. February 12, officers responded to a report of two men arguing and acting suspiciously in a vehicle parked on Talmont Circle. Officers searched the vehicle and found heroin, methamphetamine and evidence of drug sales. Officers arrested a 34-year-old Orangevale man on suspicion of possessing heroin and methamphetamine for sale, and a 39-year-old Sacramento man on suspicion of possessing drugs and paraphernalia, and Sacramento County warrants. (2018-9149)

Beat 6 (west Roseville)
Woodcreek, vehicle theft: At 6:10 a.m. February 13, someone stole a Ford F250 pickup from the 2300 block of Prospect Point Drive. The victim saw it happen, and followed the suspect to Walera Road and North Loop in Antelope, where the suspect abandoned the truck and ran away. Roseville PD’s CSI tech responded to Antelope to examine the truck for evidence, and then released it to the owner. (2018-9288)

Blue Oaks, theft from an unlocked vehicle: Overnight February 3 to February 4, someone stole a wallet from an unlocked vehicle on Ringneck Court. Later that night three men used the victim’s credit card to make numerous fraudulent purchases at a store in Roseville, and were arrested (see the entry above under Highland Reserve). (2017-7259)

Note: This is a digest of selected crime reports and police activity, not a complete list. Some incidents might not be listed, to protect the privacy of confidential victims, or to avoid endangering an ongoing investigation. For a more complete list of non-confidential crimes reported to the Roseville Police Department in your neighborhood, visit http://www.crimemapping.com

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