Budget gap persists; forecast to widen

Updated February 11, 2018

You may be surprised to hear that—like all California cities— the city of Roseville is facing budget challenges

Though we’ve done a lot to address these issues, we still face challenges. Even more change is needed. We’d like to know your thoughts.

Strong fiscal management; high satisfaction ratings

During the recession and as the economy began to recover, our strong fiscal management didn’t waver. We maintained quality-of-life services while minimizing cuts. In fact, residents gave us a 96% satisfaction rating for city services in 2014.

Reductions in staffing, pay and benefits

Staff reductionsBeing a service organization, labor is our biggest cost.

Performance audits show our staffing levels and structure are efficient and effective.

While our population and demand for services grew, we reduced staffing 39% on a per capita basis in the past decade. We implemented pension reforms.

We partnered with our labor groups to slow payroll growth and to reduce salaries and benefits.

Consumer Spending Habits

Despite action, challenges remain

Fast forward to today. Factors contributing to our budget challenges include:

  • Changes in consumer spending habits are reducing our revenue.
  • After deferring maintenance of City facilities during the recession, we have a lot of catching up to do.
  • Despite changes made to reduce pension benefits, we won’t see the savings for many years.
  • Minimum wage, health insurance and other costs are increasing.
  • New legislation and regulations add significant costs to the City’s operations.


    Pay for services

    Tax paid

City gets small fraction of tax revenues

You may not realize that the City receives just a small fraction of the sales and property taxes collected here. We receive 1 cent of the 7.25 cents collected in Roseville on every dollar of sales.

We receive about $750 from the average $5,000 annual property-tax bill for a typical Roseville home. The balance goes to the State, County, schools, and special districts.

Your awareness and input are needed

EngageRoseville dot comThese realities have led to short- and long-term budget gaps. Ones that are projected to widen in the years ahead. As the City’s expenses grow faster than our revenues, we have some tough choices.

That’s where you come in. Your awareness and understanding of the situation is key.

We’d like to hear from you. Visit EngageRoseville.com

Whether you participate in person or online, your input will help our City Council determine which options to consider as we develop the Fiscal Year 2018-19 budget and beyond.

As the world changes, we must adapt to ensure a strong future for our community.

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