Protect Your Mail

Updated January 22, 2018
Vandalized mailbox
It's tax season, and lots of tax forms with sensitive financial information are in the mail. At the same time, we've noticed an uptick in mailbox break-ins.  Let's send would-be mail thieves away empty handed by not leaving mail in the mailbox overnight or for extended periods of time.

Thieves look for financial documents, checks, IDs and credit cards so they can steal your identity and buy things using your good name and credit. Make it a habit to empty your mailbox every day, as soon as possible after delivery. Never let mail, whether incoming or outgoing, sit in the mailbox overnight. If you're going out of town, stop your service and have the post office hold your mail until you return.

If you're mailing checks, financial information or tax returns, we recommend handing your mail to the carrier or taking it to the post office for mailing.

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