Transportation Systems Management Plan



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As part of the "Conditions of Approval" for your project, are you required to prepare a Transportation Systems Management (TSM) Plan?
If yes, please complete the following form. If no, please submit the form as is. 

Project Operating Characteristics (add additional information as needed)

If there is more than one building, use consistant labeling when answering the following. 

Total acreage of project:
Number of buildings:
Number of stories/floors in each building:
Square footage of each building:
Expected hours of operation:
Types of use for each building (e.g. office, medical, retail, bank):

Employee Description (add additional information as needed)

Estimated number of total employees (full and part-time):
Estimated number of employees at the greatest shift (if applicable): 
Anticipated types of employment (e.g.e professional, support staff, etc.)
Potential communities from which employees will commute:

Site Plan

Please submit an editable PDF or Adobe Illustrator version of a site planshowing and identifying the proposed bicycle parking spaces (bike racks and bike lockers) and carpool spaces based on the TSM criteria as well as any applicable State codes (e.g. Green Building Code), as well as any proposed/future EV charging stations/ports. 

Email the site plan.

Total number of parking spaces:


Bicycle Facilities (Required)

Bicycle parking facilities must be a minimum of 5% of the total number of employees on site during the maximum shift, and comply with the Green Building Code. 

Number and type of bike racks:
Number and type of bike lockers:


Preferred Carpool Parking (Required)

Carpool spaces must be a minimum of 10% of the total number of employee parking spaces, or the total number of employees on site during the maximum shift. The spaces shall be located for convenient access by the employee and, at a minimum, be labeled "carpool/clean air/EV", and comply with the Green Building Code. 

Number of carpool spaces:
Number of Park & Ride Spaces*
Number of EV Charging Units*
Number of EV Charging Ports*
Showers & Lockers*:

Number of showers



Number of lockers



On-Site Amenities*

Please include a list of facilities/amenities that will allow employees to dine, run errands, and/or conduct business on site (e.g. ATM, dry cleaners, coffe cart, cafeteria, health club, postal service, etc.)


Site TSM Coordinator (Person who will implement the TSM Plan)

Phone number:

* If applicable



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