Notarization Requirements

  1. The signer must appear in person.
  2. A valid picture I.D. is required. A picture I.D. can consist of a driver's license, a state non-driver's ID, or a current passport. If you do not have a valid picture I.D., you must bring either: a) one credible witness known to the notary and the signer (who has a picture I.D.); or, b) two credible witnesses unknown to the notary and known to the signer (who have picture I.D.).
  3. The document must be completely filled out with no blanks other than the signature line (this will be signed in the presence of the notary). The signer must understand the document that he/she is signing.
  4. The notary is unable to prepare or complete documents or give advice as to the legality or correctness of a document. The Notary never chooses the type of certificate (acknowledgment or jurat) a document needs. The signer must let the notary know which certificate is required.
  5. Notaries are unable to notarize wills or birth certificates.

The Roseville City Clerk Department offers notary services during business hours.

Business Hours
M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

$15.00 per signature notarized