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PRESS RELEASE #2-27-2013-1
Subject :

Roseville Fire Department stopped a natural gas release
Contact :Brian Jacobson    916-774-5397
The Roseville Fire Department stopped a natural gas release that halted construction in a new subdivision and threatened to close a nearby elementary school this morning.

Administrators at Junction Elementary School in west Roseville noticed a natural gas smell in the area of the school around 11 a.m.  The Roseville Fire Department's Hazardous Materials Team responded and located the leak at the corner of Ashbury and Appersett, about three blocks from the school.  The leak was stopped within ten minutes of the arrival of fire personnel.  Fire crews used a specialized tool to crimp the pipe and stop the flow of flammable gas.  PG&E crews also responded and repaired the damaged pipe.

Construction crews in the area hit the natural gas pipe while digging water lines with a backhoe.  After the damaged pipe was repaired, construction crews returned to work and the school was notified of the repair.   There were no injuries and the school was not evacuated.