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Site TSM Coordinators

Site Transportation Systems Management (TSM) Coordinators serve as liaisons between the City of Roseville and employees/businesses in the City, and they play a vital role in implementing TSM Plans for businesses throughout the City of Roseville. The Site TSM Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

TSM Quarterly Meeting Summary & Documents

Below is the information on the October 1, 2014 TSM quarterly training.

Approximately 25 ETC’s representing over 30 properties in Roseville attended the TSM quarterly training at Heald College. If you missed the October 1 TSM quarterly training, or you attended the meeting and would like electronic copies of the handouts, see the links below.

Scott Aaron, TDM Manager for Placer county Transportation Planning Agency provided the Spare the Air for Bucks 2014 wrap-up. This summer the annual Spare the Air Campaign ran during the months of July and August. Participation was slightly lower than in 2013. However, this summer the program only ran for two months instead of three months like years past. Approximately 125 employees representing 37 businesses in Roseville participated in the promotion. The campaign recognized approximately 121,422 clean air commute miles (miles commuting by carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, riding the bus or eliminated through telecommuting. For participation information pertaining to your work location/tenants, please contact Scott at or (530) 823-4029. There were four Spare the Air days declared in the region during this promotion.

Mike Dour, Bikeway Planner for the City of Roseville provided an overview of the Roseville Bikeway update and is outlined below:

- A Trail Alerts & Information e-mail subscription is now available. Sign up at Occassional e-mails provide trail users updates on trail closures, events, projects and planning.

- Resurfacing of the Miners Ravine, False Ravine and Antelope Creek Trail completed September 2014.

- Construction of the trail segment near Foothills Business Park along the south branch of Pleasant Grove Creek is underway with completion anticipated end of October 2014.

- Construction of new 1-mile long trail in west Roseville completed September 2014.

- Design of the Downtown Bridges & Trail project is underway. The project will extend the Miners Ravine trail into Royer Park, and will improve pedestrian connectivity in Downtown Roseville.

- Planning for the Dry Creek Greenway is underway. The project will result in a 4-mile long off-street path paralleling Cirby Way.

Sue Schooley, Alternative Transportation Analyst for the City of Roseville provided an overview of the Carpool Week 2014 campaign that will run October 19 - 25 which encourages commuters to carpool, log their trips into the Commuter Club Trip Diary will be entered to win car washes and oil changes. Every time you choose a low-car travel mode you are improving our region's air quality, reducing traffic congestion, and saving money on gas and parking. When you drive alone less, everyone wins!

Sue also distributed kiosk fliers and tip cards for Carpool Week, so you can place them in the transportation kiosks or to e-mail to employees. If you want printed copies of these materials, please contact Sue or Lisa and we can mail them to you.

Next Meeting: The next TSM quarterly training will be at the end of January 2015. As soon as we have a date confirmed, I will send out an email with the information.

On-site meetings

If you are a new ETC or haven’t met with Sue Schooley regarding your TSM plan in the past couple of years, please contact Sue or phone (916) 774-5365 or Lisa or phone (916) 746-1285 to schedule an on-site. Also contact Sue or Lisa if you need a new TSM handbook.

Our next TSM quarterly training will be in March. If you are willing to host this meeting please contact Sue.


TSM Quarterly Meeting Summary & Documents

On-Site Meetings

Sue Schooley
Administrative Analyst -
Transportation Systems Management Coordinator

(916) 774-5365

Public Works -
Alternative Transportation
401 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 774-5293
(916) 746-1333 Fax
(916) 744-5220


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