Commuter Bus Service

Roseville Transit offers express commuter routes between Roseville and downtown Sacramento, Monday through Friday, during the peak commute hours of 5 - 9 a.m. and 3:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Commuter Routes  

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Need assistance in planning your trip?
Contact Roseville Transit by calling 745-7560. Our representatives can help you. If you're new to transit you can also learn how to ride the bus.  

Reverse Commuter
If you live in the Sacramento area and work or have business in Roseville, you can ride Roseville Transit Commuter Service from downtown Sacramento to Roseville in the morning and back in the evening.

Reverse Commuters are picked up in Sacramento as Commuter passengers are dropped off. In the evening, Reverse Commuters return to Sacramento from designated timed stops in Roseville. Reverse Commuters pay the Resident discount price, no discount ID is necessary. Please see AM 3, AM 4, AM 5, AM 8, AM 9, PM 7, PM 9, PM 10 for schedule information.

Commuter Fares
View current fares.

Discount Fares
Roseville residents are eligible for a discounted fare when they show a valid Resident Commuter Photo ID card each time they board. Learn more.

Reverse Commuters (passengers who board in Sacramento in the morning and commute to Roseville for work) also pay the discounted fare, no discount ID necessary. 

Park & Ride Lots
View Roseville Park & Ride Lot locations.

Commuter Holidays
View Roseville Transit's holiday schedule.

Commuter Fare Alternatives

  • Amtrak Capitol Corridor Train Service
    Capitol Corridor train or bus service accepts the Capitol Corridor/Roseville Transit Commuter Monthly Pass without charging additional fare at the
    -  Roseville Intermodal Station
    -  Rocklin Multi-Modal Station
    -  Sacramento Amtrak Station.
  • Placer Commuter Express 
    Placer Commuter Express accepts the Roseville Transit Commuter 10-Ride and 30-Day Passes at the:
    -  Rocklin Multi-Modal Station
    -  Taylor/I-80 Park & Ride lot
    -  All downtown Sacramento stops
    Additional fare of $0.50 will be charged to Resident Commuter 10-Ride and 30-Day passholders.

    Roseville Transit Commuter accepts the Placer Commuter Express 20-Ride and Monthly Passes at the:
    -  Taylor/I-80 Park & Ride lot
    -  All downtown Sacramento stops
    Additional fare of $0.50 will be charged to Roseville/Rocklin Zone passholders.
  • Commuter Vouchers
    The commuter voucher program gives employees a convenient way to take advantage of pre-tax deductions or subsidies from employers for commuting expenses. Commuter vouchers are accepted by Roseville Transit as payment toward 10-Ride and 30-Day Passes as well as Capitol Corridor/Roseville Transit Commuter Monthly Passes.

Bike and Ride
Travel farther on Roseville Transit by combining your trip with a bike. All Roseville Transit buses are equipped with two front-mounted bike racks. Learn more.

Roseville also offers secure bike lockers throughout the city. Find out more.


Bus trip planning assistance:
(916) or (530) 745-7560
TDD: (888) 745-7885

Order passes over the phone (with major credit card):
(916) 774-5293
TDD: (916) 774-5220

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