How To Ride The Bus

Local Service

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Check the Map & Schedules

To begin, look at the color Local Service map or Commuter Service map and find the routes that serve your travel needs. The map uses both colors and letters (for Local Service) or numbers (for Commuter Service) to designate the routes. Please keep in mind that you may need to take more than one route during your trip. Once you have identified your routes, you are ready to look at the schedules. Bus stops are identified on the maps.

Bus Stop - The bus stops only if there is a passenger boarding or exiting the bus at this stop.

Timed Stop - The bus leaves at the scheduled time as shown on the route schedule.

Transfer Point - The bus leaves at the scheduled time as shown on the route schedule. Departures at these stops are scheduled to help passengers transfer to other routes or transit agencies.

Find the stop where you want to board the bus. If that stop is not a Timed Stop or a Transfer Point, then look on the Local Service schedule (.pdf) or Commuter Service schedule (.pdf) and find the closest Timed Stop or Transfer Point prior to where you want to board. The bus will leave that stop at the time shown on the schedule.

See our popular destinations webpage to quickly find Local routes that serve many Roseville locations.

Use Roseville Transit's Bus Tracker tool to see the real-time location of your bus and arrival information.

For additional assistance call 745-7560 (TDD: (888) 745-7885) or visit the Alternative Transportation office at 316 Vernon St., Suite 150, Roseville, CA 95678. The office is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - noon and 1 - 4:45 p.m.

We offer the assistance of Transit Ambassadors, and for those who need a little extra assistance, free Mobility Training for seniors and people with disabilities. Call us to get started.

Check the Fare

Review the fares. Single Fares are paid with exact change and are good for one boarding. If you plan on riding the bus frequently, it may be more convenient for you to purchase Daily, 10-Ride, or 30-Day Passes. These are available for purchase at pass retail locations.

ID cards are necessary to validate your Discounted fare when boarding. Call 774-5293 for application information. 

Board the bus
As the bus approaches, make sure the driver can see you. Check the display above the bus windshield to verify you're catching the correct bus.

Be prepared to board by standing away from the curb until the bus has made a complete stop. Before boarding, allow passengers to exit and permit the driver to assist any passengers with disabilities.

Board the bus and insert your pass in the farebox or pay the cash fare (exact change is necessary since drivers do not carry or give change). If you are paying a discounted fare, the proper form of identification must be shown to the driver.

Shopping bags, luggage, and other carry-ons are limited to only those items passengers can safely carry on the bus in one boarding, and without blocking the aisle. Passengers must have control of carry-on items at all times. Learn more about Roseville Transit's bus riding policies.

Leave the Bus

When the bus is about one block from your stop, use the stop cord located by the windows to signal the driver that your stop is approaching. After the bus has come to a complete stop, gather your belongings and exit the bus. 

Accessible Service

Learn more about accessible services.


En Español. 

Read more information on Dial-A-Ride.