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The City of Roseville has created a bike-friendly city through an intense network of scenic bikeways, wider bike lanes, and traffic sensors for bicyclists on the road. We are one of the few cities in the state to promote bicycle safety to our children through the PedalSafe bike fest, and our businesses participate in events such as Million Mile May and Bike to Work Week on a consistent basis.

Unlike many other cities, Roseville owns and maintains its own public transportation system: Roseville Transit. With almost 400,000 passenger trips a year, Roseville Transit operates three separate transit systems. Local service provides 14 local routes and a peak hour employee shuttle. Dial-A-Ride service is a curb-to-curb, demand responsive, shared ride service. The Commuter service provides transportation to and from downtown Sacramento during peak commute times.

Through a city ordinance, Roseville requires businesses to organize and create awareness for alternative commute solutions. City government assists in providing support and education for carpool programs, commuter transit, and bike racks at business locations. By encouraging residents and commuters to use alternative forms of transportation, the City of Roseville improves air quality and reduces traffic congestion.

Roseville Electric, the City of Roseville’s award-winning municipal-owned electric utility since 1911, supplies its 50,000 customers with reliable energy and dependable service at some of the lowest rates in California. Roseville Electric is an industry leader in providing innovative programs that encourage all customers to reduce energy consumption through efficiency programs and generous rebates. Additionally, Roseville Electric exceeds its goal to purchase electricity from renewable resources. In late 2007, the Roseville Energy Park combined cycle, natural gas fired power plant will begin providing up to 40 percent of our customer’s energy needs. This plant improves our reliability while providing us with some measure of independence related to purchasing power from other sources. In early 2008, Roseville Electric and the City’s water, sewer and garbage utility will host the grand opening of the Roseville Utility Exploration Center—a one-of-a-kind facility that uses interactive exhibits to teach kids and adults how to live a sustainable lifestyle using solar energy technology and energy and water conservation practices. 

The future of Roseville depends greatly upon the availability of water for generations to come. Water conservation is one of the surest, cheapest ways that residents and businesses of Roseville can insure that future. Water is vital to life, second only to air. Without it, we cannot survive. Saving water reduces the energy it takes to process and deliver it, reducing pollution and conserving fuel sources. Saving water now minimizes the effects of water shortages and helps to build a buffer against future drought years. To find out how you can help, check out our programs and rebates.


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