Our Mission

Maintain concise, visible detail to safely guide pedestrians and motorists.

Street Marking Maintenance

Programs & Goals

  • Maintain painted legends and striping
  • Maintain thermoplastic legends and striping
  • Maintain raised pavement markers
  • Maintain curb painting

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Public right-of-way street markings maintenance. Street markings devices consist of legends, striping, crosswalks, curb painting, raised pavement markers, delineators and other channelizing¬†devices.
  • All legends and striping is maintained to current State and Federal Standards. These standards include strict guidelines to keep traffic markings in good repair as to placement, uniformity of devices and retro-reflectivity levels.

Graffiti Abatement

For more information, or to report graffiti incidents, please contact the Roseville Police Department at 916-746-1021 or 
Roseville Police Department.