Street Maintenance Division

Street Maintenance Vision
To be an effective and efficient organization that will strive to meet the needs of the community, employees and their families for future generations.

Street Maintenance Values
Community Trust, Effectiveness, Integrity & Honesty, and Teamwork will guide our daily operations.

Street Maintenance Mission 









 Extra Legal

  • Leaf Pick-Up Program  Seasonal Program > November - January
  • Parking signs - in public right-of-way. Traffic Engineering must approve new parking signs by performing a formal Traffic Study, which is initiated by submitting a written Traffic Study Request Form to the Engineering Division.
  • Street pot holes - call us and give us the location of the pot hole and we'll make the necessary repairs.
  • Street spills - we will clean up spills in the roadway that may cause a hazard or have the potential to enter our storm drain system. Call us to report a hazardous spill during normal business hours. After hours, contact the Police Department Dispatch at (916) 774-5000.
  • Weeds obstructing sidewalks - report any obstruction of the sidewalk, roadway or any public right-of-way to us. It is the property owner's responsibility to keep grass, weeds and shrubs from encroaching onto the public right-of-way.
  • Sidewalk repairs (hazards only) - we will perform temporary patching or grinding the area when notified of an immediate hazard. However, in general, sidewalks are the property owner's responsibility to maintain according to the Streets & Highways Code. Click here for additional information.
  • Storm drain cleaning (drop inlets and manholes) - throughout the year we have one crew assigned to clean storm drain lines, manholes and drop inlets. The crew also looks for abnormalities that need repair. Call us if you have a concern about the drainage facilities near you.
  • Clear vision at intersections (visibility problems caused by weeds, trees and bushes) - call us to report clear vision issues. We will inspect the vision problem to determine if it is within the public right-of-way or on private property.
  • Curb painting - we maintain all currently painted curbs. Traffic Engineering must approve new curb painting requests. They will perform a formal Traffic Study, which is initiated by submitting a written Traffic Study Request Form.
  • Street resurfacing - we have a computer-based Pavement Management Application (PMA) Program that assists in determining when streets may need a maintenance application or rehabilitation. It provides an estimate of the funds that are needed to complete the project. The following map shows planned roadway resurfacing. Click here to view the  Map of Planned Roadway Resurfacing.
  • Parking lot maintenance of City-owned lots - we apply a maintenance seal to the pavement on a seven-year rotation or as needed to all City-owned parking lots. We also sweep and strip the lots as well as maintain the curbs.

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Street Maintenance

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