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Constructing in the Floodplain

Standards for Developing or Building in the Floodplain

Constructing improvements in the floodplain has the potential to impact flood levels. If not properly designed, a structure may be susceptible to flood damage or may cause flood damage to adjacent properties. Improvements or repairs to existing structures in the floodplain, such as remodels or garage conversions, would require review by city officials to determine if such improvements would constitute a "substantial improvement" as defined by Federal Regulations (Substantial Improvement is activated if the cost of the new improvements or repairs exceeds 50% of the value of the original structure).

If improvements are not constructed to Federal standards, this may affect the ability of the owner to obtain flood insurance or a loan on the structure. Flood relief assistance funds may also be withheld if the structure is not in compliance with Federal requirements

All development or improvements within the City's floodplain requires a Development Permit from the City of Roseville. Depending on the type of development, there are four documents that are used to manage development in the floodplain:

Newly developing areas are subject to the General Plan's Safety Element and the Design Standards. Existing developed areas are subject to the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance and the Zoning Ordinance. If you are planning improvements in the floodplain or would like to report activities in the floodplain that appear to be un-permitted, please contact the City of Roseville's Engineering Division at (916) 746-1300 or

Natural and Beneficial Function of Floodplains

The City of Roseville recognizes that open space land is limited and that valuable resources must be conserved wherever possible. Many people view the City's open space areas as a highly valued natural resource.

To preserve the natural and beneficial functions of open space resource areas adjacent to floodplain areas of Roseville, the City has adopted policies under its Open Space Element of the General Plan that include the following:

  • Preserve and rehabilitate continuous riparian corridors and adjacent habitat along the city's creeks and waterways;
  • Require dedication of the 100-year floodplain, or comparable mechanism, to protect habitat and wildlife values in perpetuity;
  • Require preservation of contiguous areas in excess of the 100-year floodplain as merited by special resources or circumstances, which may include, but are not limited to, sensitive wildlife or vegetation, wetland habitat, oak woodland areas, grassland connections in association with other habitat areas, slope or topographical considerations, recreation opportunities, and maintenance access requirements;
  • Limit recreation activities within the 100-year floodplain and require additional setback areas for trails and other public recreation uses so that natural resource areas are not adversely impacted; and
  • Provide for protection and enhancement of native fishery resources, including continued coordination with the California Department of Fish and Game for the city to release water into Linda Creek.

Because of these policies, a large proportion of floodplains within Roseville are held for open space uses, many in a natural or beneficial state. Approximately 78.5 percent (1,172.3 acres) of the regulatory floodplain within Roseville is designated for open space use as defined in the Open Space Element of the General Plan. For more information visit the Planning Department Development Guidelines.

Even if you do not live in or near a floodplain, runoff water (rain, irrigation, garden hose) from your property flows down the gutter into the storm drains and out to the creek. This runoff may contain pollutants that harm our creeks and streams, and the wildlife that live there. The City of Roseville is committed to protecting our creeks and streams by involving and educating our residents. To report dumping in the floodplains of Roseville or possible pollutants that may be flowing into the City’s gutters or drains, call (916) 746-1000. To find out more about what you can do to help go to Roseville Stormwater Management.

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