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Plan Check

Expedited Plan Check Process - We continue to offer expedited Tenant Improvement Plan Check. Applicants who have submitted plans to the Building Division for plan check may request an expedited review. But hurry, this offer is based on availability and is first come, first served. To find out how, click here.

New Simple Tenant Improvement Process- We now offer a simplified plan review process for projects that qualify. Minor changes to a retail, office or similar space may be eligible for review with a 24 hour time frame. For more information, click here

Special Notes:    Effective January 1, 2014 the 2013 California Code of Regulations Title 24 will be enforced on all permits submitted for application to the City of Roseville Building Division. These requirements are enforced by State Law, and effect all permits applied for after the 1st of January 2014.

The City of Roseville Building Division has put together a handout on the changes and revisions to this set of regulations which replaces the codes adopted in 2011, to view this summary please click here. Additionally, two state agencies have taken action to push back the effective date of certain portions of these regulations. At the December 18, 2013, meeting of the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC), the CBSC approved the action taken by the California Energy Commission (CEC) at its public hearing on December 11, 2013, to include the following:

2013 CALGreen Energy Code Related Sections Delayed Until July 1, 2014

1. California Energy Code, Part 6 - Effective July 1, 2014.  Change the effective date of the 2013 California Energy Code, Part 6, and the 2013 California Administrative Code, Chapter 10, in Part 1, Title 24, California Code of Regulations, from January 1, 2014 to July 1, 2014. Until July 1, 2014 the 2010 California Energy Code, Part 6 is the effective code.

2. California Administrative Code, Part 1, Chapter 10. Effective July 1, 2014 The 2013 California Administrative Code, Chapter 10, Part 1, Title 24, California Code of Regulations now goes into effect on July 1, 2014. Until July 1, 2014, the 2010 California Administrative Code, Chapter 10, Part 1, continues to be the effective code.

3. CALGreen, Part 11. The 2013  CALGreen will change the effective date of affected energy provisions only in the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen), Part 11, Title 24, California Code of Regulations.  We anticipate that CBSC will issue an updated version for the code to identify sections that are exempt until July 1, 2014.

Effective January 1, 2014, all single family residences built before January 1, 1994 must install water conserving fixtures throughout the home as a condition of building permits issued for home improvements, additions, and alterations. Compliance with this requirement will be verified at final inspection. For more information please click here

Effective July 01, 2011, all single family dwelling units require smoke & carbon monoxide detectors throughout the residence, to be inspected and verified at final inspection.  For required locations of detectors, click here.  For further information regarding the stipulations of the enacted legislation, click here



  • 2013 California Building Code – Volumes 1 & 2 with City of Roseville Amendments (CBC).  Based on the 2012 IBC
  •  2013 California Residential Code with Appendix H, Patio Covers (CRC).  Based on the 2012 IRC
  •  2013 California Historical Building Code (CHBC).
  •  2013 California Existing Building Code (CEBC).  Based on the 2012 IEBC
  •  2013 California Green Building Standards Code (CGBSC)
  •  2013 California Plumbing Code (CPC) based on the 2012 UPC
  •  2013 California Mechanical Code (CMC).  Based on the 2012 UMC
  •  2013 California Electrical Code with City of Roseville Amendments (CEC).  Based on the 2011 NEC
  •  2013 California Energy Code (CEC)
  •  2013 California Fire Code based on the 2012 IFC, with City of Roseville Amendments (RFC)
  •  2013 Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code (USPSHTC).  As published by IAPMO

SNOW LOADS: Ground Snow Load - Zero

 Ultimate Wind Speed: 1 & 2 Family Dwellings/ 85 mph; Risk Category I/ 100 mph; Risk Category II/ 110 mph; Risk Category III & IV/ 115 mph
 Exposure Category – B (most areas)

 3” per hour

 Seismic Design Category for all structures and components shall be SDC – D except as follows:

  • All low rise conventional framed structures, maximum (3) stories in height, shall be permitted to be designed using SDC C for site soil class D or better.
  • All permanently attached nonstructural components with importance factor, Ip, = 1.0 shall be permitted to be designed/installed using SDC C.


  • Allowable Foundation - 1500 psf without a Soils Report
  • Allowable Lateral – 100 psf/ft without a Soils Report

CLIMATE ZONE: 11 Most Areas (Zone 12, when justified by California Energy Commission mapping)

 2013 CPC Chapter 4, Table 422.1, Table A, Table 4-2, Table 4-3 & Table 4.4.

Plan checkPlan check typically takes approximately 3 weeks for first review, and 2 weeks for subsequent reviews. Permits can usually be issued over the counter for re-roofs, heating and air conditioning replacements, replacement of water lines, gas lines, water heaters, addition to existing electrical system and electrical service upgrades.

Although a contractor will often secure permits, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure all necessary permits are obtained. Building permits are also required for mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects or replacements.

The Plan Check Index contains links to PDF documents that may be of interest to you.

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Plan Check Index

Plan Check Take-In Checklist


Request Plan Copies
Plan Copy Packet

Third Party Plan Check Review
3rd Party Plan Check Review Policy

Certificate of Occupancy Requirements
C of O

New Commercial Projects

New Commercial Plan Review Process
New Commercial Plan Check Submittal Requirements
Site Accessibility Plan Requirements 
Temporary Power Pole Requirements
New Commercial Fee Schedule
Special Inspection and Testing Agreement
Transportation Systems Management (TSM) Application - This program applies to all businesses or common work location (such as office buildings/complexes, commercial/retail centers, or industrial buildings/parks) with 50 or more employees. The City's TSM requirements are located in Chapter 11.33 of the Roseville Municipal Code.

Combustible Concealed Spaces in Commercial Buildings

Solar Energy Photovoltaic (PV)
Non-Residential PV Packet

Tenant Improvement Projects
Tenant Improvement Procedure
Simple Tenant Improvement Process
Tenant Improvement Information Required
Tenant Improvement Design Requirements
Tenant Improvement Packet- Includes the Building Permit ApplicationAir Quality Worksheet, Construction Comment FormCUPA Form, Asbestos Declaration, and Accessibility Upgrade Worksheet. 
Special Inspection and Testing Agreement
Transportation Systems Management (TSM) Application  - This program applies to all businesses or common work location (such as office buildings/complexes, commercial/retail centers, or industrial buildings/parks) with 50 or more employees.  The City's TSM requirements are located in Chapter 11.33 of the Roseville Municipal Code.
Non-Residential HVAC Replacement Submittal Checklist
Non-residential Reroof Certificate of Energy Compliance - ENV-1 Alt 


Carports/Detached Sheds over 120 SF
Requirements for Carports & Detached Sheds

Electric Service Upgrade/Service Panel Relocation
Residential Service Upgrade and Panel Relocation Procedure
Electric Service Entrance Requirements
Service Entrance Conduit Installation
Electric and Gas Meters at One Location
Electric Load Worksheet

Energy Compliance
Re-Roof Cool Roof Requirements
Certificate of Compliance: CF-1R for Window Replacement
Certificate of Compliance: CF-1R for Water Heater
Energy Form/Residential Additions = or less than 100sf
Energy Form/Residential Additions = or less than 1000sf
Energy Form/Residential Additions greater than 1000sf
Energy Form for New Residential Buildings, Package D
New Residential Energy Standards, Effective 01/01/2010
Energy Standards, Indoor & Mechanical Ventilation
HVAC Requirements
Kitchen Lighting Worksheet
Mandatory Measures Checklist: Residential MF-1R Form
Residential Solar Energy Photovoltaic (PV) Packet
Non Electric Solar Panel Requirements for SFD Pool & Water Heating

Fire Sprinklers
Residential Fire Sprinkler Submittal Requirements

Free-Standing Fireplace,  Fireplace/Woodstove Insert, or permanent Gas BBQ 
Exterior Freestanding Concrete/Masonry Fireplace and Fire Pit Installations
Permanent Exterior Gas BBQ

Garage Conversions
Interior Remodeling Checklist

Gas Line Replacement/Addition/Equipment
Gas Piping Information - Includes the Gas Piping Information Sheet, Table 1208.4.1, Table 1216.2(1), and Table 1216.2(20) of the 2013 California Plumbing Code, and the New Gas Piping Schematic form.
Gas Test Procedure
Gas and Electric Meters at One Location

In-Ground Pools and Spas
Swimming Pool Packet - Includes the Permit ChecklistPool RequirementsPlumbing/Mechanical/Energy Requirements, Enclosure & Fencing Requirements, Electrical Requirements, Electrical Load Worksheet, Alarm Requirements, Acknowledgement, Access Agreement, and Notice to Pool Contractors forms.
Spa & Hot Tub Requirements

Patio Covers
Patio Cover Permit Requirements
Listed Patio Cover Permit Checklist
Example Patio Cover Construction Detail

Production Home Builders
Residential Master Plan Policy
New Master Plan Submittal Requirements
Model Home Complex Application
Residential Submittal Comment Form
Temporary Sales Trailer Application

Raised Decks (+30" above ground)
Sample Deck Drawings
Sample Plot Plan
Raised Deck & Guardrail Requirements

Remodeling Existing Dwelling
Interior Remodeling Checklist
New Mechanical Units in Attic or on Top of Roof for an Existing Structure
Residential Care Facilities (R3.1) Requirements
Residential Care Facilities Checklist
Typical Construction Detail

Retaining Walls
Retaining Wall Permit Requirements
Sample Engineering Detail of a Retaining Wall

Room Addition
Residential Addition Submittal Requirements
Example Plot Plan
Typical Construction Detail
Fees for Single Family Dwelling Addition
Electric Load Worksheet

Single Family Dwelling
Example Fee Sheet for New Single Family Dwelling Construction
Single Family Dwelling Submittal Requirements
Sewage Ejector Systems

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements
CRC Section R314.6.2 and R315.2

Water Heater Replacements
Tankless Water Heaters
Code Requirements for a Thermal Expansion Tank
Alternate Seismic Strapping for Water Heaters
Gas Fired Water Heater Installation

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