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Code Enforcement

Code EnforcementCode Enforcement on Nuisance, Signage, Construction, Use and Zoning Violations

The Code Enforcement Inspector enforces nuisance violations along with signs, use and zoning violations.

Have a code complaint?
Fill out the online Complaint Form or contact us at either (916) 774-5501 or

Sign Ordinance

Under Chapter 17 of the Roseville Municipal Code, the City has implemented sign regulations. Please refer to the brochure links to the right for additional information regarding signs in Roseville. If you have any questions regarding permitted signs and sign regulations, contact the Planning Department at (916) 774-5276. For addition information regarding obtaining a sign permit, please click here.

Is your sign missing?
If your sign was placed within the public right-of-way (sidewalk, street, easement, center median, or any other area which is owned by the City), a City official may have confiscated it. If you believe your sign was taken and would like to retrieve it, contact Code Enforcement at (916) 774-5501,


Under Chapter 10.54.020 of the Roseville Municipal Code, the City has the authority to enforce and abate public nuisances.

Use and Zoning Violations

If you have any questions regarding the Zoning Ordinance regulations, contact the Planning Department at (916) 774-5276. 

Long-Term Boarded and Vacant Buildings

Under Chapter 16.34 of the Roseville Municipal Code, the City can impose a penalty on owners of long-term boarded and vacant buildings which are not under repair or actively offered for sale, lease or rent. The City also has an Ordinance for the Abatement of Sub-standard Buildings.

Abatement of Substandard Buildings

Under Chapter 16.35 of the Roseville Municipal Code, the City can provide a just, equitable and practicable method to abate sub-standard buildings. Buildings or structures which from any cause endanger the life, limb, health, morals, property, safety or welfare of the general public or their occupants, or which constitute a public nuisance, may be required to be repaired, vacated or demolished.

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