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Juvenile Probation Information


1. What happens after a juvenile is cited for a crime in Roseville?
Upon receipt of the juvenile crime report, a member of the Roseville Police Department’s Youth and Family services will contact the parents of the juvenile by phone. Trained social worker interns will assist families who are experiencing problematic behavior with their children. Social workers will provide direction, education and community resources as it pertains to strong-willed or defiant youth behavior. The Placer County Juvenile Probation Department will make formal written contact with the juvenile at a later date.

2. What is a Juvenile Citation Hearing?
A Juvenile Citation Hearing is a formal probation meeting between the probation officer, parents of the juvenile and the juvenile who was cited. If the juvenile does not contest the citation, and with parents consent, they may be assigned to Informal Probation depending on the status of offense.

3. What is Informal Probation?
Under informal probation, the minor is required to observe good behavior for a period of six months, make restitution to the victim for any damages, and other conditions as deemed appropriate.

5. What is Formal Probation?
More serous crimes such as burglary or robbery rarely will be handled informally. If the charge is a felony (the most serious category of crimes) the law requires the probation department to refer the case to the DA. Mandatory referral is also required when the child has had a prior crime handled informally.

6. Can families get help with truancy, running away or other "pre-delinquent" behavior?
Running way and truancy are not a criminal offenses, but they are possibly early indicators of future criminal behavior. For help, call our Roseville Police Therapist at (916)774-5017. 

7. I would like to find out who is the school resource officer for my child’s school.
Call the Community Services Unit at (916)774-5050, or call your high school's office.


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